Top 4 Investment Steel Casting Applications – 2024 Guide

Investment casting is nothing new. This process has been known to people for thousands of years. This metal-forming technique became especially popular in the last century when steel, which is an alloy, began to be used for a variety of purposes. What exactly is investment casting and what are the top investment steel casting applications you will find out if you read this article.

What is investment casting?

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Investment casting, which you may also come across as precision casting or lost-wax casting, is a great method for many reasons, primarily because it is a type of casting suitable for making very complex parts, all with minimal waste. Parts made in this way have fine surfaces.

The most commonly used are stainless steel casting, alloy steel casting, carbon steel casting and manganese steel casting. You can find out in which situations which alloy is used at

With minimal waste and the ability to make complex parts, there are many more benefits to using investment steel casting. There are very few limitations, so the freedom of design is great. Also, parts of different sizes can be made, you are not limited to small or large ones. It should be said that investment casting is very reliable.

The process is not complicated. First make a pattern and after that mold. Then, the mold is heated to about 1000 degrees Celsius before pouring steel. At the end, you have to inspect the quality and ensure everything is at great condition.

Investment steel casting applications

Investment casting is something that is necessary in practically every industry, and especially when steel is used, the number of applications is even higher, due to the characteristics of steels such as durability, rust resistance and much more.

1. Medicine

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Most medical instruments are made of stainless steel. These include surgical tools, various types of room equipment, especially in operating rooms and similar places, wheelchairs and much more. Since it is necessary for all this to be done perfectly, investment casting is an ideal method because, as we have already said, it is used to make complex parts that must be perfectly precise, smooth and so on.

2. Space

When you hear aerospace industry you, as most people, will first think about Apollo program and other space exploration programs, but it also plays a much more important role in our daily lives. Investment steel casting is used in the aerospace industry to produce parts for satellites, airplanes, hydraulic systems, breaking and landing parts and much more. Without investment steel casting it would be almost impossible to make some very important parts.

3. Automotive

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In the automotive industry, numerous parts of the vehicles and many necessary tools are made with the help of this casting method. It is also used for robotics, as well as armored vehicles, which is important for both the general population and the military.

4. Military

A large number of weapons, parts of missiles, radars and much more require investment steel casting.


This method is one of the most important casting methods that has a very wide application.

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