How to Properly Keep Track of Your Wagers in Sports Betting

Sports betting and any other form of gambling are more complex than people initially realize. There are far too many factors to consider and small things to look after before you can become good at it and expect profit on a regular basis.

For one, you have to be a sports fan first and know a lot about sports in general. Next, there needs to be a few sports teams and players, or even whole leagues and competitions closer to your heart than the rest.

This allows you to connect with the whole betting practice on a deeper level and care about how you play more.


However, these are only just the beginning steps on your sports betting journey. At the end of the day, it is still mostly about money since it is a business that you can make a considerable amount of money from.

Nobody likes losing and neither do you, we assume. Therefore, to minimize your losses and make sure you are ahead of the competition, you need to develop good betting habits. There is no better place to start than to keep track of your wagers from day one. In this article we will talk more about it and give you the best guide on how to do it. Once you are ready, be sure to head on over 22Bet to start betting the right way.

Keeping Track of Wagers

There isn’t really much to it if you think about it. Your ledger does not have to be complicated in any sort of way since all it needs to do is help you get the most efficient insight into your betting habits and success.

Most bettors either use a digital ledger, like an Excel table, or a good old fashioned notebook where they write everything down. In either case, there are certain things you have to put in for every bet.


First of all, you will need the date the bet was made, so that you can keep track of how frequently you do it. Next, you could have a column for the sport you are betting on. If you always bet on one sport though, for example football, you could instead have a column for the league, cup, or competition you chose for the bet.

Next up, there should be a column dedicated for the type of bet. These are the starter columns that will help you recall what game you chose to bet on.

The next three are more important since they deal with the finances. In the fourth line, you will be writing in the amount you wagered. You can either have deposit and withdrawal columns separate, or have one where you would write how much you wagered for a certain amount


Next is the bet, for example -100 or +100, or whatever else you chose. Lastly, you will have the outcome of the game, which would be the final score.

If you incorporate such a table into your betting routine, you will always know how much you spent and won, what you bet on, and what kind of bets work the best for you. Such feedback is enough to make any betting enthusiast better at their craft in no time.

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