How Do You Identify Blocked And Spam Calls – 2024 Guide

At some point, all of us have had issues with our phone calls. What we are focusing on today is the spam and blocked calls that irritated the most of us.

In most cases, these calls are just to irritate you but in others, they can be harmful to your device or can be designed to fish out your information’s. This is why it is highly important to be educated and know everything you can about these types of calls.

The article before you today are supposed to help you identify those types of calls and have you stay protected against them. With modern technology more advanced solutions regarding protection have come across.


Today’s devices are capable of sorting these types of calls by themselves or at least can warn you that there is a particular issue with the call you are seeing on your screen. For any other information’s regarding these issues, you can visit Callmsg and educate yourself further.

Before we start, we want to inform you that it is highly important to always report Spam Calls and Report Unwanted Calls as well. With this, you may even get variations in a form of spam text that you should also report.

Depending on what device you own you have an option of turning on the Caller ID and Spam feature on and off. This is pretty much straightforward for all devices like Android, iOS and Windows phones. The process is as simple as going in your call settings locating the tab that shows Caller ID and Spam and turning it on or off.


This is an awesome feature that will relieve you of all and any spam numbers and unknown callers. What is even more strange is the fact that someone might as well blocked your number and listed you as a spam caller. We are not instantly insinuating that you have been reported as a harassing phone number but people do tinker with their phones and make mistakes.

To find out if your number has been reported as spam or scam phone number you can do the following – call them multiple times and see what you get in return. The fact is that the message, depending on the carrier, of course, will mainly be something like “the number you are trying to call is currently busy, try again…” or something along those lines.

Now there is a possibility that a person you are trying to reach is busy, has their phone turned off or do not have a signal, but if you get the same message daily then you can be sure you have your phone number blocked as spam or scam number.


With this article we are not encouraging that you actually do harass other people or that you turn your number into a scam number or block one, we are just educating you on how to know if you have been blocked or spammed.

Sometimes your friends can make an honest mistake and after a while wonders why aren’t hearing from you in a while. Spam calls are really bad and spam numbers, as well as unknown callers or scam numbers, should always be reported, if you are having an issue with them.

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