Can You Use CBD for Weight Loss? Everything You Should Know

Over the years, we’ve seen people use cannabidiol (CBD) extensively. Whether it’s for pain relief, skincare, or improved sleep, CBD is popular and seems to work for about anything. There’s also a recent interest in how CBD helps weight loss. So, can you use CBD for weight loss and achieve great results?

CBD, one of the popular compounds in cannabis plants, has many therapeutic benefits. It doesn’t give a high or show any signs of dependence, making it a compound of choice among many enthusiasts. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the compounds responsible for people’s psychoactive effects with cannabis plants.

Today, you’ll understand how CBD might help with your weight loss journey. Also, we’ll discuss how to choose the best CBD supplement you can use in today’s market.

Can CBD Help You Lose Weight?

According to Healthline, CBD has many purported health benefits, including weight loss. Some of its potential effects include boosting metabolism and reducing food intake.

For example, in an animal study, CBD significantly reduced food intake compared to other cannabinoids. However, there’s a need for more human studies to support this finding.

Additionally, one of the common uses of CBD is to improve sleep and reduce pain. Sleeplessness and pain directly affect the food intake and regular diets of a person. Which can drastically affect the weight of your body.

If you are not aware, there are CBD products made for such specific cases. Products like CBD pain relief gummies specializes on inflammation and chronic relief. Increased cravings and decreased motivation to make lifestyle changes often occur if you have sleep problems. In this case CBD products like CBD sleep oils can help you sleep better, which is essential to maintaining a healthy weight.

If you are trying to lose Weight, dietary changes and exercise are a priority. CBD is increasingly popular in the health and fitness industry and can help improve exercise performance. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and also has pain-relieving effects.

Reduced pain and inflammation will help you work out longer and harder. Also, you will require less time to recover post-workout. As a result, you should be able to exercise more and burn extra calories.

How Does CBD Work for Weight Loss?

There are no extensive studies on the use of CBD for weight loss and how it works. However, this compound can indirectly support your weight loss goals. Below are ways how CBD might work for weight loss:

Browning of Fat Cells

In an interview with Parade, Dr. Clara Lawson states that CBD aids weight loss by promoting the conversion of fat. We have two types of fat in the body: white and brown fat. The fat white cells store and provide energy, while brown fat cells burn calories and generate heat.

People who are overweight have more white fat cells in their bodies. And CBD promotes weight loss by increasing the conversion of fat white cells into brown fat cells. This process is called fat browning. You can also convert fat white cells to brown by getting adequate sleep, exercise, and exposure to cold temperatures.

May Boost Metabolism and Suppress Hunger

Source: thedailyworld.com

Furthermore, we have an endocannabinoid system that comprises cannabinoid receptors: CB1 and CB2. This system is responsible for many body processes, including metabolism and hunger.

According to Dr. Lawson, CBD interacts with this system boosts metabolism. This increased metabolic rate is what promotes weight loss.

Insulin Regulation

What’s more, CBD may help lower insulin resistance, which will, in turn, makes the body burn more fat. The liver removes toxins from the body. It also converts excess sugar to insulin. Irregular insulin levels can hinder the body’s functioning. When the insulin level is high in the bloodstream, the body can’t burn fat.

(NHANES) found that regular cannabis users had 16% lower fasting insulin levels. Also, they have 17% lower insulin resistance levels and a smaller waist conference. NHANES conducted this survey on over 4000 patients.

Which is the Best CBD Supplement for Weight Loss?

There are tons of CBD brands for weight loss. But, can you tell which of them is best for your needs? One of the ways to choose the best CBD product for weight loss is by researching the brand. For instance, you want to make sure the company sources organic, US-grown hemp plants.

Also, look at the label and check what ingredients the product contains. Stay away from brands that use unnecessary and harmful fillers. You want to be sure that the CBD product has natural and proven ingredients for weight loss.

Another factor you must consider when choosing CBD products for weight loss is the certificate of analysis (COA). Only patronize brands that carry out third-party tests on all their products.

A COA from a third-party lab will show the potency of CBD and other compounds in the product. It will also indicate if there are possible contaminants and harmful chemicals.

Where to Buy CBD Products for Weight Loss?

source: pexels.com

CBD products for weight loss are available in offline stores and online. You can buy directly from the manufacturer by visiting the website and placing an order. Alternatively, you can buy from local stores.

You can buy CBD products online. And can enjoy a wide range of products. Many online retailers provide COAs and third-party test results. Also, food stores should provide customers with these lab results.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil products are increasingly popular and are currently marketed for weight loss. Although studies show CBD boosts metabolism, more research is needed. There are no clear studies yet on the effect of CBD on body weight.

CBD is a safe compound to use. However, it’s important to remember all products are not equal. The fact that a product contains CBD doesn’t mean it will work for weight loss.

Also, CBD is no miracle cure or supplement. And keep in mind that no supplement can make up for lifestyle changes like healthy diets and exercise.

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