The Best Online Slot for Your Star Sign

If you’re a believer in astrology, then your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about you, from your personality traits to what you will and won’t enjoy. A determiner of everything from your favorite foods to the TV shows you like watching, it’s fun to test the theory and see how closely you align.

So, what’s your perfect online slot based on your zodiac sign? Let’s see if we can work it out.



Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and they love to be front and center. Bold, ambitious, and always striving to prove themselves, the best option for them is likely to be The G.O.A.T. which is one of the many themed online slots available to play at Paddy Power. It even fits with their symbol, the ram.


Taureans love to relax and take care of themselves. Often found luxuriating in a long, hot bath or tucking into a chocolatey dessert, their favorite kind of treat involves self-indulgence. Ergo, the slot most likely to appeal to them is Millionaires Island.



Geminis are everywhere at once. Spontaneous and playful, they’re natural risk-takers who like to take a step into the unknown. This means the action-packed Snakes & Ladders Megadice is sure to be a favorite.



Represented by the crab, Cancers are drawn to the sea. They enjoy anything that reminds them of their spiritual home, so Fishin’ Frenzy Fortune Spins is a natural choice. They’re also highly intuitive, emotionally intelligent, and able to fit in anywhere and with anyone.


Leos are the kings and queens of drama. Passionate, loyal, and always the center of attention, they like flamboyance and theatricality. Point them in the direction of Lion, Lion, Let’s Dance, and they’re sure to have a tremendous time.



Virgos are busy bees, being here, there, and everywhere. What most frustrates them is having spare time on their hands, and they like to keep their minds engaged from the moment they wake until the second they fall asleep. That’s why Genie Jackpots Rapid Fire is certain to suit.


Libras like to feel as though they’re on an even keel at all times. Embracing their equilibrium, they prize balance and harmony – they’re happiest when the scales are weighted just so. That’s why they’re sure to enjoy the soothing, underwater aesthetic of Big Blue Bounty.



Scorpios are hot-headed and passionate. While they might be a water sign, they’re not afraid to watch the world burn around them to set a perceived injustice right. That’s why they’ll have lots of fun amid the fiery setting of 7s Deluxe Fortune Spins.


Sagittarius is a sign known for its sense of wanderlust. Embracing adventure, they’re sure to be fans of the mysterious Tiki Magic, which will take them deep into the jungles and citadels of a lost Aztec world.


Onto the patient and determine Capricorn. They’re a sign that they can see the bigger picture and are willing to put the work in to get the reward. That’s why they’ll enjoy daily jackpot-type games like Get the Gold Infinity Reels.



Next up, Aquarius. This altruistic air sign is sweet and earthy. Natural daydreamers with a tendency to have their heads in the clouds, they’re likely to embrace the mythical charms of Age of the Gods’ Wheels of Olympus.


Last but not least, sensitive Pisces. Intuitive and in touch with their emotional sides, they’re drawn to the tranquility and beauty of water. That’s why we’d point them in the direction of Atlantis Megaways if they were looking for a game they were guaranteed to enjoy.

Tell us, how was our assessment of your star sign: spot-on or completely off the mark?

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