7 Strategies To Elevate Your Style

Trying to stay in-style and looking your best is no easy feat. With trends changing so often, it can be hard to keep up with what looks good and how you should dress. But don’t worry – there’s an easier way. You just need to know the right tips on picking out stylish apparel that will make heads turn wherever life takes you.

No need to fret – you can look amazing in no time! We’ve put together 7 easy tips from the styling masters so that your attire will be on point.

Let’s begin our journey.

1. The Right Fit


Make sure your clothes fit you perfectly – neither too loose nor too tight. Wearing garments that are the wrong size will make your body appear disproportionate and unkempt. Unsure of what clothing size is right for you? Book an appointment with a tailor to get properly measured.

2. Color and Prints


Don’t hesitate to embrace color and be daring with your fashion. Making a statement in bold prints and designs can invoke confidence, style, and charm. However, it’s essential to avoid overdoing it; pair the focal piece of clothing with simple items that will not outshine or clash.

An eye-catching patch is also an excellent way to add flair: try Vivipins for some inspirational ideas. If you’re looking to add some fresh, up-to-date style to your wardrobe or accessories, custom patches are the perfect choice.

With Vivipins’ help, creating a patch is easy and simple – place it on any item such as shirts, coats, bags or backpacks!  With these one of kind items at your fingertips you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

3. Stay Groomed


Even if you assemble the perfect wardrobe, your look won’t be complete until it is polished and refined. The key to a stunning appearance lies in those subtle details that give off an air of sophistication.

Transform your look by getting a professional trim every fortnight. Unfortunately, many men don’t invest in basic skin care – such as moisturizing and cleansing their face – however this can make all the difference between looking youthful or aged. Taking good care of your skin is important for both appearance and confidence.

4. If the Shoe Fits


Research has indicated that we can learn up to 90% about an individual simply by their shoes. That’s why when refreshing your closet, you should always start with your footwear. If they are dirty or scuffed, it will give off a disheveled vibe. Ensure that your shoes look impeccable and neat whether you’re headed into the office or out with someone special.

5. Wear Those Accessories


Accessorize to your heart’s content, but not too much! To get a taste of the accessorizing life and make it comfortable for yourself, consider wearing either a timeless wristwatch or an audacious ring. Experiment with different combinations until you find pieces that are true to your style.

6. Good Jeans


Investing in a quality pair of jeans is always worth it, as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. To make sure your denim fits perfectly to your body type and style, take the time to find just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s with an elegant blazer and slim-fit tee or casual sneakers paired with a classic top – great fitting jeans will elevate any look.

7. Master the Classics


To create an impeccable look, owning the essential pieces is key. Every man should stock his wardrobe with these timeless classics:

  • Dark and light jeans
  • Blazer
  • Silk tie
  • Black and brown belt and shoes
  • White and blue button-down shirts

With these essential wardrobe pieces, you can curate your looks with confidence.

Dress Well All the Time

It’s essential to dress your best no matter the occasion. Looking good gives you an edge of confidence and poise! We’d love for you to maintain this style, so we invite you over to our website for more tips on fashion and trends.

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