5 Richest Sports Figures Still in Active Service

Sports have become a global sensation, and the past and present top athletes are enjoying it. A few sports stars become billionaires even years after their incredible careers. There has never been a good time for athletes, and we love it. With so much money and fame in circulation, the competition at the top has become fiercer, making the game more enjoyable.

We are not even talking about thousands of dollars you can earn playing at the best online casino. We are talking millions in yearly net salaries, endorsement deals, etc. Being an athlete and getting to the top of the pile has made it incredible. In that case, we are looking at five of the richest active sports stars in the world today.

1. Tiger Woods – Net worth of $800 million


In his prime, Woods was the best and most popular golfer worldwide. Every sports fan knew how good he was, and even those that were not familiar with the sport knew his name.

As a result, he became the highest-paid golfer at the time. Since turning into a professional golfer, Woods has made over $1.4 billion, making him the first sports billionaire.

However, going through a crisis put a massive dent in his career, tanking his ranking from world number 1 to 600+. But, he soon made a major comeback in 2018, where he rose from position 656 to 13th in a single season.

He then sealed his place as a sporting legend in 2019 when he won the US Masters by 2 shots. That marked his return to the top since he was out in 2008.

2. Roger Federer – Net worth of $700 million


A veteran in the Tennis world, Roger Federer is one of the most popular tennis players of all time. He has been in the greatest of all-time debate for years, and his 20 grand slams won in 2017 cemented what we all felt was true. Although Rafael Nadal broke the record in 2024, Federer is still a top name in the world of tennis.

Federer remains one of the highest-paid tennis players globally, amassing over $130 million in career wins. In addition to that, he has many major sponsorships and endorsements with major brands like Mercedes Benz, pushing his net worth to about $450 million. Aside from that, he recently signed a 10-year deal with Uniqlo, which is worth about $300 million

3. Floyd Mayweather – Net worth of $565 million

Floyd Mayweather is a sensational boxer who has dazzled the world with incredible moments. He is one of the most popular boxers, especially in his division. One of his greatest matchups was with Manny Pacquiao, where we saw an end-to-end battle between two top athletes, and the bout earned him millions.

Aside from that, his mix-matchup with UFC superstar Conor McGregor saw him earn an additional $200 million because of how successful the showdown was. We haven’t seen the last of these top-notch battles as it was one of the most-viewed boxing events globally. It also earned Floyd his iconic 50-0 record.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo – Net worth of $450 million


Bursting into the top leagues in 2003, and since then he has not looked back. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players ever to kick a ball. He has been at the top level for almost two decades, and he continues to show why every football club wants to sign him into their squad.

CR7 became a top player in Manchester United before making the big-money move in 2009 to Real Madrid, becoming one of the most paid athletes in the world. After that, he left for Juventus before making the trip back to Old Trafford, and at 37, he is still one of the highest-paid athletes worldwide.

5. Lebron James – Net worth of $440 million


Lebron James is another incredible athlete that worked his way up while earning millions of dollars. James has earned 18 All-Star honors, won multiple NBA finals, and made a name for himself in the all-time category. He was pivotal to ending Cleveland’s 50-year championship drought, and as a result, he became a sought-after basketballer.

He has many different deals and endorsements that bring in massive amounts of money, including one with Nike and Coke. As a player still dropping high numbers, he will keep earning, and his net worth is set to rise for many more years. We expect to see more of James in the NBA during and after his career.

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