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The Top-Rated Commercial Foundation Repair Methods Used

Your foundation, like most things in life, is vulnerable to environmental stress. Some of the most prevalent hazards to a commercial foundation include expanding and contracting soil, excessive moisture, poor drainage etc. The foundation may shift, break, or settle unevenly over time as a result of environmental stress. Regardless of the type, foundation difficulties can cause a lot of problems for the entire building.

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How are Commercial Foundation Repaired?

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Fixing a commercial foundation is more complicated, more expensive, and takes more time to be completed. Therefore, there is a need to pay attention to signs of damage like a small crack, a stiff door, plumbing leaks, etc.

Fortunately, most of these signs are visible, so you have to act fast once you spot an issue. Repairing damages as soon as you see them will prevent more problems and solve the existing ones. HomeAdvisor  can help you find a commercial foundation repair expert to solve issues with your commercial foundation.

Signs that a Commercial Foundation Needs Repair

Unlike a residential foundation, the kind of damages that exist in a commercial comes with expensive consequences. Issues such as cracks, uneven floor or settlement are noticeable signs that something is wrong.

However, commercial foundation problems are not always caused by artificial factors; some result from natural processes. For instance, a changing condition of the soil beneath the foundation can cause the movement or settling of the earth.

Whether the damage is man- made or natural, you must swing into action once you see the signs that your commercial structure needs a foundation repair. Some of the signs that your commercial foundation needs a repair are;

1. The sinking of the building

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The shifting or settlement of the soil beneath the foundation is the leading cause of a sinking building. Whenever you notice that a part of a building appears to have been sinking at the center, this is a sign of a big foundational problem.

The volume of soil upon which the foundation of a building was laid can determine whether or not the foundation is stable or how long its stability will last. Meanwhile, if a foundation is not constructed correctly, it can also lead to a sinking building.

2. Uneven Floors

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Because your flooring sits immediately on top of your foundation, any signs of wear and tear on your floor could indicate a foundation problem. Floors that appear to be uneven call for worry.

To determine if your floor is even or uneven, use a golf or tennis ball to test it. The ball will barely move on a flat floor, but on uneven floors, it will roll and the faster it moves, the worse the situation becomes.

3. Squeaking Windows or Doors

When your doors stick, it’s usually a sign that there’s a problem with your foundation. Interior doors with foundation problems are more likely to stick or drag at the top, whereas exterior doors are more likely to appear uneven, drag at the threshold, or hang down at the top. The top right side of the door, for example, may be higher than the bottom right side.

4. Wall or Ceiling Cracks

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Suppose you have drywall gaps or your moldings separating off the walls already. In that case, this is a clear indication that your business structure is in peril, and you should contact a foundation repair specialist right now. Not all cracks are the same so you know.

Vertical cracks mean that the foundation is settling unevenly, and they are the most prevalent foundation problems. On the other hand, horizontal cracks are frequently caused by localized support failure and may be the result of a plumbing issue.

5. Leakages

When your building’s plumbing has problems, there will almost certainly be leaks. A shifting foundation can put tremendous weight on old plumbing, causing pipes to rupture and go undiscovered for days. Checking your water bill can help you figure out whether you have an issue; if there are any increases in usage, you know you have a problem.

Top-Rated Commercial Foundation Repair Method

There are several methods of carrying out a commercial foundation repair. An expert does not just decide to use any form of repair for a damaged commercial foundation; his judgement is based on the kind of soil, the structure and the function of the building. There are three top-rated commercial foundation repair methods, they are;

  • Soil Nailing

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This method is usually used to prevent a soil slope. This is adopted mainly in areas that are commonly plagued by landslides. Nailing the soil retains the soil in a way that enhances the soil beneath the foundation. Your business construction will be safe from unequal support and landslide threats if the load capacity of the soil where it is being built is increased.

The devices are fastened to the foundation wall and secured into the neighboring soil. This exerts pressure on the foundation wall, corrects the bowing or leaning and returns it to its rightful place. Soil nails are preferable to alternative earth retention systems because they are less disruptive, need fewer resources, and require less installation time.

Shoring procedures such as soil nailing and other shoring techniques can also be used. These techniques are frequently employed to maintain foundation walls and retaining walls that have begun to bow or lean.

  • Foundation Underpinning

This method of repair also brings back stability and strength to the foundation. It is the ideal method for a sinking foundation. This method involves the installation of steel push piers to shift the structure’s weight.

Alternatively, piers can be utilized to take the weight off the unstable soils and transmit it to more solid layers of soil deeper below once they’ve been pushed into the ground beneath the concrete of the commercial foundation.

Settlement, excess moisture, higher load capacity requirements, and changing structure usage are among issues that commercial foundations face through time and use. You should call a professional when these variables cause your foundation to become incapable of securely supporting existing or anticipated loads.

  • Micro piling

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Micropiles can be erected rapidly and in practically any type of soil, making this foundation repair and building technology ideal for regions with nearby structures, natural or man-made barriers, or limited access. Piling with helical piles, such as our auger cast piles, is an excellent option for foundation repair.

Here, the piles are driven into the ground and then progressively withdrawn. Concrete is injected into the hollow shaft as they are removed. This allows for concrete to be poured to support the foundation without disturbing the area.

Micropiles are numerous deep foundation elements that can be utilized to underpin foundations and boost load-bearing capacity by improving foundation stability, providing structural support, and transferring loads.

Receive Professional Commercial Foundation Repair Methods When You Hire a Local Company

As the name implies, commercial buildings are built to make money. This is why nothing should stop owners from choosing a contractor that can give the best services. You always have to make sure that your building is secured on a good foundation.

Meanwhile, that is not to say that there won’t be a need for repair at some point because there are several factors beyond human control which can affect the foundation of your building negatively.

And so, whenever there is an issue with your foundation, ensure that you employ the service of capable contractors to help you inspect the building and then fix it for you. Whether you need to do a foundation underpinning, soil nailing or micro piling, get an expert that specializes in commercial buildings to fix it for you.

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