Common Mistakes New Students Make With College Assignments

One of the biggest changes in a student’s life is going to college and essay writing but for more help you buy an essay. What do we mean by this?

It has been proven that college is harder than high school because of the amount of work that needs to be done. Not only that, everything is much faster and generally speaking, it is a fast-paced environment in which you need to master every task that comes before you.

There is also a lot of adaptation to different challenges and balancing both your social and school life, which means being dedicated to all the school activities, as well as all the extra curricular ones.

It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? However, with a bit of self-discipline and good organization, it’s all possible, especially if you’re studying something you really like. Although many surveys show that some of the hardest things about college are sleep deprivation, finding time to prepare your food and eat healthy, exercise and finish your tasks on time;

Along with being away from home, living with another person or managing your time effectively, there is one thing that seems to be the biggest worry for the majority of students. That is: all the assignments you need to do during college.


Understanding your courses, being motivated and constantly absorbing new information seems like enough work per se. And then there are assignments. What are they anyway?

Simply put, college assignments are homework you need to do for your classes. Aside from helping you with final exams, they are necessary in order for you to develop certain skills that are necessary during the studies, as well as learn how to learn.

Some of the skills you will most certainly develop during the process of writing and creating assessments is learning to work completely independently, without the need of anyone supervising you (although you should closely collaborate with your mentors).

Not only that, you’ll learn how to manage your time, solve problems on the go and do a lot of research. Being able to good research and then filter all the valuable information as well as organize them and use them in your assignments, is the number one thing you should focus on as a freshman (and later as well).


However, this is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’re first getting started. The majority of college students admit that writing their assignments was (or is) one of the hardest tasks they needed to do. But you should keep in mind that it’s not the task that makes it so challenging. It’s rather the execution of that task. Some of the possible consequences might be losing points and getting lower grades, which is something you should definitely avoid.

Students make a lot of mistakes when it comes to their college assignments, and that is the number one reason why they might become so overwhelming and hard to master. Luckily, if you are aware of your (or other people’s) potential mistakes, you will know what to do in order to avoid them in future, or prevent them from happening in the first place. Finally, you’ll be able to handle your work assignment even if you’ve made a mistake. Let’s dive into it:

1. Procrastinating


This is the worst thing you could be doing no matter what task you have to finish. Students usually procrastinate mostly because they’re distracted. With so many smart devices around us, it’s almost impossible not to get distracted.

However, there are multiple useful apps that you can install, to help you focus and concentrate on your project. You can also install apps that can help you organize your time better, by using the Pomodoro technique. This concept helps break down your complex tasks into several smaller chunks, which then makes them easier to master on time.

2. Not Researching Enough


Doing a little to no research and writing your assignments might have worked in your High School, but it will most certainly not work in college. Background research is extremely important because it’s key to getting good scores. If you don’t do research on your topic and you don’t have enough knowledge about it, your work will seem vague and low quality. Remember, investing more time at first, will result in a much better result later.

3. The Importance Of Technicalities

Although many students find this annoying, having good grammar throughout your writing assignments or projects of any kind is vital. This also includes typos and formatting. If you thought formatting isn’t important at all, you were wrong. You want your supervisors to understand what you’re presenting and you want to grab their attention. If your work is informal or chaotic, you cannot expect a good outcome.

4. Underestimating Instructions


Following instructions is crucial for having a good research paper, project or any type of writing assignment. Why? Although it’s tempting to do things on your own, you still need to follow the instructions, otherwise you’ll have to do everything from scratch, again. And you will get a bad score.

5. Not Using The Available Tools

If you don’t manage to do things on time, and you figure out that you will miss your deadlines, there is always an alternative.

Choose a reputable website and give them your topic as well as some resources and you won’t have to worry about anything. Also, you can use Grammarly and some Artificial Intelligence softwares that can help you with your essay writing, depending on the type of help you need.

6. Not Making A Concept Beforehand


One of the most helpful things when writing essays is having a good base concept. Write bullet points that you wanna focus on, make a strong introduction and a good closing statement, and you’re good to go.

Good structure means good assignment. This will prevent your mind from wandering and it will help you focus on quality, rather than quantity. It’s easy to get lost and simply fill up your work with words. To avoid this, always start with a concept.

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