5 Ways to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the broad term that is used to describe problems with attaining an erection or being able to sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. While ED is more likely to affect men as they grow older, it affects a large number of young men as well. It is a medical issue that is widely prevalent in men worldwide and has been known to impact men of all ages.

It is estimated that almost half of all men have experienced ED at one point or another. The reason for any particular instance of ED can vary greatly from person to person, with physical, physiological and psychological factors being the generally responsible factors for most cases of ED.

Regardless of the cause behind ED, it is universally considered a difficult experience for any man, no matter how young or old. Read on to learn some ways that you can minimize the likelihood of developing ED and lessen the chance that it impacts your sex life.

1. Balanced Diet


Saturated fats in diet have been related to heart disease. High-fat diets can cause coronary artery blockages and a reduction in the size of the arteries that provide blood flow to the penis, thus causing erectile dysfunction.

Men who eat a Mediterranean diet tend to be less prone to have ED, according to research. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fish are abundant in the Mediterranean diet, and it is low in meat and dairy. According to several studies, eating a diet high in flavonoids can help prevent penile issues. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, and tea all contain flavonoids, which are antioxidant chemicals.

2. Healthy Weight


Excess weight has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, increased blood pressure, and cholesterol problems, all of which can lead to ED.  A high concentration of fat also impacts a number of hormones in the body, which further contributes to the ED problem.

The good news is it can be overcome. Weight loss can aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. There are two key advantages to decreasing weight. It considerably enhances your physical health while also making you feel more confident and boosting your self-esteem. In terms of sexual performance and stamina, a positive self-image and having a good feeling about yourself can make a big difference.

3. Regular Exercise


The health benefits of exercising on a regular basis is a well-known fact, but a lesser-known fact is just how much it can help to keep occurrences of erectile dysfunction at bay. Even just walking for half an hour every day has been shown to decrease the occurrence of ED by 41%.

It makes sense that taking regular walking on a daily basis should reduce the chances of ED from occurring. A healthy erection is only possible if your muscles down there are working properly and getting the proper circulation they need.

If you make exercise a part of your regular routine, your cardiovascular health will start benefiting right away, improving blood circulation and providing numerous other health benefits. If you want your exercise sessions to help you with ED issues more directly, consider doing exercises that target the muscles used for erection. For example, kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and can greatly help men’s erectile health.

4. Less drinking


There are multiple benefits to reducing the intake of alcohol. You will start getting immediate benefits like weight loss and improved concentration when you cut back on drinking. Alcohol can lead to dehydration, which diminishes blood volume and circulation.

Because erections are dependent on proper blood flow, this might lead to erectile dysfunction. Heavy drinking for a long time can harm the liver, nerves and even produce hormonal abnormalities, which also leads to ED.

Researchers have discovered that drinking too much alcohol has negative effects on both the brain and the penis. Sober men were able to get an erection faster than drunk men in a University of Washington research, while some men failed to properly get aroused at all after consuming alcohol.

Since pre-sex alcohol intake affects blood circulation to your penis, the magnitude of your orgasm, and your degree of enthusiasm, it can lessen your sense of passion. To put it another way, sex may not be as enjoyable as it would be if you weren’t drinking.

There’s also the possibility of long-term erectile dysfunction, which has been related to prolonged excessive drinking. In fact, research suggests that men who are addicted to alcohol have as much as a 70% probability of having sexual issues. ED, premature ejaculation and lack of sexual drive are the most prevalent problems linked with excessive alcohol use.

5. Quit smoking


Cigarette smoking can harm almost every organ in your body. Cigarette smoke contains substances that harm the lining of blood vessels and alter their function. These substances have the potential to affect vital organs, from the heart, the kidneys, to the brain and more.

The adverse impact of smoking-related chemicals on the blood vessels of the penis increase the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. After receiving impulses from the penis’ nerves, the arteries expand and draw in blood, resulting in an erection. The nerves are responsive to the brain’s sexual arousal impulses. Even if the neurological system is in good working order, an erection may be impossible to get if the blood vessels are not in good shape as a result of smoking.

Treating ED

Medications are used as the first line of treatment for erectile dysfunction. Generic viagra, cialis and silendafil 100mg uk are among the most common ED drugs. You can get these medicines with ease; cheap viagra and sildenafil are available at almost every drug store now.

However, before you start taking any of these medications, you may need a prescription and a thorough medical checkup by a doctor. A medical check-up will also tell doctors the cause behind your ED, including any underlying health issues. If you’re cleared to take an ED medication, your doctor will choose the best ED medication for you.

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