Experience One Of The Best Facial

You are probably considering what type of facial you need such as Brazilian, French, or Asian to get the best facial.

You want a skincare treatment that is natural and gentle yet effective. Facial packages come with a consultation to tell what your skin needs and what facial treatments are suitable for you. So we can advise you on which facial treatment is likely to work for you. Then we can customize your facial package to meet your needs.

Here are the different Facial Packages

  1. Deep Cleansing Mask: A cleanses mask that helps remove the last traces of dirt, impurities, and makeup so that our professional therapist can prepare your skin to receive the treatment. You will feel fresh and clean afterward. We recommend this facial treatment at least once a week as its cleansing effect refreshes the skin.
  2. Enzyme Therapy Facial Package: A deep cleansing facial that uses the power of malic acid to stimulate skin cell turnover without drying. It helps clear out pores, balance the skin and reduce blackheads.

Getting A Facial Package

Best Tiong Bahru Plaza facial is one of the best facials in Singapore. We are proud of our “offshore advantage” of providing professional treatments to our clients. You will be treated by a trained therapist by the recommendation of our experts and at the same time, you will benefit from professional massage and facial treatment as much as possible.

Our handpicked therapists are trained to treat your skin efficiently with their know-how on skincare and treatments, so you can relax in our experience. If you are interested to get a facial treatment at Tiong Bahru Plaza to experience theĀ best Tiong Bahru Plaza facial, visit and make an appointment with the therapist.

Consultation before the Facial Treatment


We always advise our clients to get a consultation before ending up for the facial session. There is no harm in us knowing your skin concerns before beginning the facial treatment. It’s a good way to understand how the facial treatment will be used on you. The final result depends on the facial package, the therapist, and your skin type so we need to know it first. Also, we can also recommend other products that can perfectly meet your skincare needs as well.

What to expect after a Facial?

After our facial treatments, you will feel relaxed and refreshed. Your skin will be vibrant and clean, devoid of any kind of blemishes or pimples. You will be satisfied with the outcome of your skin treatment and we are confident that you will be a frequent visitor.

What is the quality like?


We deal with only top-notch skincare products from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Our products are 100% authentic and the most effective in their class. If you have any doubts, feel free to come to us and check the products before purchase. You will be glad to see how good it works on your skin after trying it.

During facial treatment, we will use a facial machine (a big-sized electric shaver) to remove dead skin cells and blackheads. It is a type of professional cleansing system that removes dead skin cells while exfoliating the skin gently.

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