How to Pick the Correct Gemstone According to Your Zodiac Sign?

One of the most important factors when choosing a gemstone is color. Amethyst is the most popular gemstone with the color purple. However, there are many other gemstones that feature different colors. Some other important factors to consider when choosing a gemstone are: physical properties, its rarity, and its metaphysical properties.

Even though the day of the week, month, and season of your birth are important, it’s the time of the year where you are most likely to find the best gemstones. But how do you know which would be best for you? You can always just take your birth date and go from there, but there are other signs of zodiac signs that can help you find the best gemstone for you. Check for more information.

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We love to collect gemstones, but not everyone knows which ones they’re most suited to. This fact is sure to confuse even the most seasoned of jewelers. To make it easy for you, in this post I will be explaining exactly how to pick the right gem and jewelry from Adina Eden depending on your zodiac sign.

Indian astrology, zodiac signs Gemstones are natural mineral or organic crystals that are cut and polished for use in jewelry. These natural gemstones are also said to have mystical properties. Since ancient times, they have been used not only as jewelry, but also for their mystical powers. It is believed that gemstones are capable of altering planetary influences. According to astrology, the human body functions in harmony with the movement and position of the heavenly bodies. There is a connection between the time of our birth and the position of the planets at that time. According to astrology, there are nine planets, which are the main celestial bodies that influence our lives. Each of these planets has a different cosmic color, energy and vibration that affects us in some way. Gemstones have been shown to have similar vibrations, energies and color spectrums that, when worn, can balance or correct the planetary influences in our lives.

Gemstone recommendations per Zodiac sign/race

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The zodiacs or races are the twelve equal divisions of the celestial circle (the zodiacal belt of 360 degrees) or Rasimandala. The position of the planets in the celestial circle at the time of birth is determined by the signs of the zodiac or the races. Each of these zodiacs or races also has a ruling planet that is considered the main ruler of a person born in a particular zodiac/race. So to choose a gemstone for a zodiac sign or race, you need to know the nine planets and their corresponding gemstones.  Like the navagrahas (nine planets in Vedic astrology), there are navaratnas (nine gems) that correspond to each planet or graha. You are

Navagrahas Navaratnas
Sun Ruby (Manik)
Luna Pearl (Moti)
Mercury (Buddha) Emerald (Panna)
Venus (Sucra) Diamond (Hira)
Mars (Kuja) Coral (Munga)
Jupiter. (Guru) Yellow Sapphire (Puhraj)
Saturn (Sani) Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
Rahu Grenada (Gomed)
Ketu Cat’s eye (Vaidurya)

Thus, the gemstone for each zodiac sign or race is determined by its ruling planet. The twelve zodiacs (races) and their corresponding gemstones are as follows.

Gemstone recommendation according to zodiac sign or race:

Gem for Aries/Mesha: The fierce planet Mars is the lord of Aries/Mesha. Mars is red, and people born under this sign are advised to wear a red coral on their ring finger (Anamika). Coral is a natural healer that can provide rejuvenating energy that benefits the ever active Aryan people. stone recommendation for Taurus/Vrishabha Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, is the ruler of Taurus/Vrishabha. People born under this sign are advised to wear a diamond on their middle finger (Madhyam), which will enhance their creative abilities.

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Gemini/Mithun Rasi: The intelligent planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini/Mithune. People born under the astrological sign of Gemini are advised to wear an emerald, which can improve their thinking ability. The twins must wear an emerald on their little finger (Kanishtha).

Gem for cancer/Cark: The dominant planet in this sign is the Moon.  People born under the sign of Cancer or Karka can wear pearls on their little finger (Kanishtha). Cancer patients can be very emotional, and wearing beads can ease their emotional turmoil. stone recommendation for Leo/Simha  The Sun is the lord of Leo/Simha, and people born under this sign will show energy and willpower to do their best. The ruby is recommended as a gemstone that can bridge the gap between their ambition and their hormonal energy.  Lionesses must wear a ruby on their ring finger (anamika). Virgo/Kana Rasi Gems Mercury is the lord of Virgo/Cana. People born under this sign support each other and plan perfectly. They should wear an emerald on their little finger (Kanishtha), which will enable them to replenish their psychic energy.

Birthstones for Libra/Tula: Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, rules Libra/Tula. People born under the sign of Libra use their thoughts to create balance or harmony. You should wear a diamond on your middle finger (Madhyama) to avoid emotional disturbances. You can visit ItsHot’s website to explore their fresh collection of diamond eternity rings for your mental awareness.

Scorpio/Vrshika Rasi Birthstone: Mars rules the mysterious sign of Scorpio/Vrshek. People born under the sign of Scorpio think a lot and use an excess of mental and physical energy. They must wear a red coral on their ring finger (anamika) to improve their physical and mental stamina.

Gemstones for Sagittarius/Dhanu: Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius/Dhanu. People born under this sign are ambitious, visionary and adventurous. They should wear a yellow sapphire on their index finger (Tarjani), which gives them the ability to work tirelessly and achieve their ambitions.

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Capricorn/Makara Rasi Gems: The ruler of Capricorn/Macar is Saturn. People born under this sign can be overly assertive and become uncontrollable. They are advised to wear a blue sapphire on the middle finger (Madhyama), which helps them to become aware of their true needs.

recommended stone for Aquarius/Cumbh: Saturn rules this sign. People born under the sign of Aquarius/Cumbhas may have unique mental abilities.  But they can be uncommunicative and pessimistic. You should wear a blue sapphire on your middle finger (Madhyama) for emotional energy.

Precious stones for fish/mining: Jupiter rules Pisces/Minus. People born under the astrological sign of Pisces are eccentric, with strong mental and spiritual aspirations. They are advised to wear a yellow sapphire on the index finger (tardjani) to limit desires and self-realization.

How to choose the right gemstone?

Note that searching for a gemstone requires a detailed analysis of the horoscope. The gemstone corresponding to the zodiac sign or Rasi can be found from the above extract. But your zodiac sign (Sun) or Janmarasi (Moon sign) is just one of many factors that determine which gemstone you should use. To find it now, you can create your gemstone recommendation report online at . To find the right gemstones you should wear, you should study the position of planets in your birth chart, the different bhavas (houses), periods of dasa apahara, etc. Vedic astrologers usually suggest gemstones in accordance with the lords of the 1st, 5th and 9th bhav of Lagna, known as the yoga karaka planets. For planets that have reached the 6th, 8th and 12th degree. House rule, gems are not recommended.

What are the benefits of using gemstones?

Gemstones can enhance the positive energy of the planets and compensate for certain shortcomings. Finding the right gemstone(s) and wearing them has the following benefits. -positivity and happiness -prosperity in life -Prevent obstacles -Promote health The Gemstone Recommendation Report helps you find your gemstone and enjoy these benefits.


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When you hear this term, you might be curious what kind of stone I have. With birthstone is meant a gemstone that stands for the birth period of a person, the month of the zodiac. The idea that a stone corresponds to a person’s birth month is a modern invention. Traditionally, gemstones in Vedic astrology are associated with various astrological factors and not with the month of birth. As mentioned above, the zodiac sign (determined by the position of the Sun) and the Janmarasi (determined by the position of the Moon) are just one of the many factors that determine which gemstone or gemstones you should wear. In the ancient Greek mythology, each zodiac sign has very specific characteristics regarding the kind of gemstones it is compatible with. Of the 12 zodiac signs, 11 have gemstone compatibilities. The only zodiac sign that does not have a gemstone is the Pisces, therefore it is not recommended to wear a Pisces gemstone. To find out which gemstone you are, you can take a quiz on the Gemology Institute website.. Read more about zodiac gemstones and their meanings and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a gemstone for my zodiac sign?

If you’re looking for the perfect gemstone for your zodiac sign, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you choose the correct gemstone that matches your personality. What makes a perfect birthday gift for your best friend, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or for the special someone you just met? The ideal gift should be something that the recipient will love and never want to give back to you, and surely that is what you are looking for when it comes to selecting the right gemstone. But how can you be sure that the stone you pick is the one that your loved one will want to wear or keep forever?

Which stone is for which zodiac sign?

All gemstones have a variety of meanings associated with them, so which one is best to buy is a personal choice. For example, amethyst is an excellent choice for those born under the zodiac sign of Libra, because it signifies self-control, fairness, and beauty. On the other hand, garnet is the perfect gift for those born under the sign of Scorpio, as it is associated with honor, strength, and passion. You may not know it, but whether you were born in the spring, the summer, the autumn or the winter, each of us has a unique zodiac sign.

Which Rashi should wear which stone?

Life’s too short to wear a stone that does not match your personality or the season, right? So what is the best choice for you if you want to look your best in all seasons? How do you know which Rashi best fits your personality and the corresponding gemstone? Every sign of the zodiac has a certain gemstone that is said to resonate best with that sign. Some think that the stone’s properties mirror those of the sign itself, while others believe that the stones properties reflect those of the Sun and the zodiac sign’s associated planet. So, which one should you wear?

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