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The Unique Connection Between Tarot And Astrology

Astrology has become a mainstream source of guidance and insight. Almost everyone knows at least their sun sign and some of the main traits of their sun sign. Many also know their ascendant sign, moon sign, and houses. The point is, it’s by no means an outlandish or underground practice.

Plenty of people are also incredibly enthusiastic about the practice. It’s not uncommon to see zodiac jewelry or tattoos or overhear conversations involving it (obligatory “that’s so leo of me!”) Even social media is populated with hilarious memes about astrology.

Why Astrology is growing


Part of the explosion in popularity is due to how a complicated practice has been simplified by technology. It’s so easy to check how your sign sun and planets are affecting you on any given day.

Apps like CoStar instantly give you advice based on the planetary positions that day. You can even see your compatibility with your friends or romantic interests based on their respective charts. In the past, receiving these insights would have required you to be seriously deep in the practice or consult with an expert astrologer. Now, they’re right in the palm of your hand.

With Astrology, you’ll learn things about yourself that you hadn’t found before. If you’re a Scorpio, for instance, you may come to realize that you are much more intense than most people and that this affects others’ perceptions of you. Or if you’re a Cancer, you might have an “ah-ha” moment when you read about how Cancers have a tough exterior but are soft on the inside.

However, despite the things you’ll notice through Astrology, it still leaves a lot of the picture out. It is a generalized practice that can’t get particularly specific.

So where does Tarot fit in?


As Astrology’s cousin, Tarot is a much more intimate, personal experience. Its individualistic nature has prevented its popularity from exploding the way Astrology has, but for those who find it, it’s an incredible art. You can unlock aspects of your being that you never even know existed.

Whereas Astrology generalizes how people are affected by certain spiritual energies, Tarot can dive all the way down to the life events or influences that have shaped you as a person.

Reading Tarot also makes for much more practical use. With Astrology, you can acknowledge how planetary alignments may impact you and move through your day with it in mind. But Tarot, on the other hand, can help with your mental/emotional health, solve problems you’re facing, and even give you the tools to strengthen your relationships.

What can Tarot do for you that Astrology can’t?


Tarot is about activating your intuition, your inner light, to show you the truth you’re looking for. If you are struggling to make a decision, it’s generally because you don’t know where your true values lie or you don’t have the faith to trust your gut. Tarot helps you overcome these obstacles by presenting your thought process for you to see. It brings the purest essence of “you” out into the light.

The 78 cards of the Tarot deck are associated with the major life events and minor day-to-day concepts that comprise human life. When you transfer your energy into the cards, the deck will output the ones that relate to your specific question. You can then explore them with your intuition to make predictions about the future, unravel truths about yourself, or receive guidance on how to handle a circumstance in your life.

To learn how to how become an intuitive reader of the Tarot, Intuitive Souls has a program that is second to none. There’s also a variety of free content that will help you understand the practice in greater detail.

So there you have it. The often-obfuscated bond between Tarot and Astrology is brought to light. If you become a master of the two, you’ll be unstoppable (and let us know, because we’d love a reading!)

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