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Arendelle is a place that is so magical (and as seen by Frozen, Disney has a lot of tricks up their sleeves!) that it is even more famous than most of the US. Still, it’s not surprising to find that Elsa has inspired thousands of Frozen fans to create arts and crafts of all kinds, and now we have a collection of some of the best Elsa fan art and Elsa cosplay pieces. We also have a collection of Arendelle fan art, and even Elsa cosplay photos! This includes an amazing photo of Elsa in Arendelle, as well as photos of the castle, imagery of Arendelle, and more!

Going through the Frozen fandom is something that I have been enjoying for a few years now. So, when I saw the news that Disney was working on a Frozen 2 in the works, I was more than excited! Even though Frozen 2 is still years away from being released, I was still able to get a few Frozen related products. I was able to get a Frozen themed makeup set, and I also got the Disney Frozen coloring book and the Disney Frozen Coloring Book Activity Book (Disney Frozen Coloring Book and Activity Book).

When Frozen came out, I was skeptical of the hype. Everyone in my circle of acquaintances shared reruns of Let It Go and personal reviews of what seemed to be the best animated film since The Lion King. After so much praise, it didn’t take much for me to finally give up and watch the movie. He was eventually overrated, but even then I was one of those moviegoers who suffered from an ear twitch. Whether you enjoyed Frozen or not, the movie can be considered a Disney classic that has spawned countless Olaf items, Elsa’s Halloween costumes, and many Sims 4 CCs.

Anne’s haircut

word-image-5320 Check out this AC. I don’t hate braids, but Anna’s double braided hairstyle made her look less like a princess and more like a queen. And if you’ve seen the movie, then – WARNING – she really has become the queen that Erendell deserves (yes, a girl!). Apply this custom Anna style hairstyle to your sim and make it look beautiful. You can even choose from 18 colours.

Elsa pose set

word-image-5321 Look at these poses As much as she hates her gifts, Elsa knows how to show them off when no one is looking. In Frozen, Elsa had the spontaneous idea to build an ice palace on a mountain. It was kind of crazy, because she was still discovering her gifts. But it only took one song and a lot of handiwork to make it work. If you’ve decided to give your Sims ice powers, teach them how to use them properly with this set of Elsa poses.

Colourpop Elsa Eyeshadow

word-image-5322 Check out this AC. When Elsa dropped out in the first movie, she worked overtime to build an ice palace and turn into Sailor Moon. She treated herself to a new dress, new shoes, a new haircut and even took the time to do her makeup – all in one go! Copy the ice queen’s makeup and make her big blue eyes shine with Elsa’s eye shadow.

Anna, Elsa and Kristoff

word-image-5323 Check out this AC. In addition to Olaf, the talking snowman, and Sven, the telepathic reindeer, the three main characters of this CC set are the main characters from the movie Frozen. And as such, they have the ability to change more than one costume over the course of the film. With this CC you get the signature outfits of Anna, Elsa and Kristoff from the first movie, all for free and created by EnchantedDominion. How can you not like it?

Les talons d’Elsa

word-image-5324 Check out this AC. Looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your Sim princess? Think about charging for those Elsa heels. Although they’re made of ice, these cuties are very durable – they can’t break even if you’re fleeing a falling chandelier or a snowstorm! Forget Cinderella’s glass slippers. These Elsa stilettos are the shoes for future princesses.

Les cheveux d’Elsa 2

word-image-5325 Check out this AC. After tearing across the sea on a water horse, Elsa seems to keep her hair silky smooth for another musical number. In a process of self-discovery and introspection, Elsa finally let her hair down and was rewarded with a radiant new outfit. Until she turns to ice in the heart of the big, scary cave. At least she had time to try a different haircut before that happened.

Elsa’s braided hair

img source:

Check out this AC. Rapunzel may have had 70 feet of luminous hair, but apparently it wasn’t her crown that was the hardest to animate. Elsa had a whopping 420,000 individual locks of hair, and it took a new program called Tonic to make her look as good as she did in the 2013 movie Frozen. That’s a ton of hair, compared to 100,000 strands for a human. But the results are stunning, as people have definitely fallen in love with Elsa’s incredible braided hairstyle. And now you can give your Sim a haircut worthy of a Disney king with this CC from KikiSimLive.

Elsa’s dresses

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Check out this AC. Elsa had the best costume design in the first Frozen movie. From a coronation ensemble to a Transformer Let It Go dress, Elsa displayed looks that any child would love. And of course, people continued to order one of her iconic dresses for any occasion: Halloween cosplay conventions and even corporate Christmas parties. Because, who are we kidding? They’re great! Get lucky and get two Elsa dresses for your Sim with this cute QC made by Birba32.

Queen Anne dress

img source:

Check out this AC. While Elsa was too busy waking up the spirits of the elements and singing into the unknown, Anna had no choice but to clean up after her sister again. Although Elsa was naturally strong, Anna proved time and time again that she was stronger. The girl finally survived the giant ice monster and the giants of the earth. In the end, everything is fine. Because Anna finally became queen and Elsa went to the enchanted forest on water horses. And with this outfit, your Sims can look magically royal as Anna.

Show Dress

img source:

Check out this AC. Like a true Disney princess, Elsa received a sparkling new dress during an emotional singing number. After years of feeling out of place, the ice queen finally finds herself in a large, cold cave where her mother’s memories are recorded in high resolution. And after a duet with her deceased mother, the floor sparkled and the beautiful Show Yourself dress entered the stage! Don’t worry, your simulator doesn’t have to go through all that drama to get that CC. But if you love the drama of The Sims 4, who am I to stop you?

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