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Astrology Bytes Episode 135 – Tracking Your Transits with Jessica Lanyadoo

The planets are not your friends or your enemies. They are not going to make you rich or poor, or help you make the right career choice or drive you to drink. The planets have no agenda, no master plan. They just are. So when you think about the planets, try to think like an astrologer. If the Sun is in the 8th house, do you have more patience with people in relationships? The planets are not going to make you change who you are, but they can change how you behave, how you react to things, and how you think.

Every now and then, I take to the Twitterverse to talk about my own little passions: astrology and personal finance. I don’t think I get any plainer: I recently called myself a “Finance Nerd” in celebration of the release of my book, I Quit my Day Job: How I Made $80k In Personal Finance In Less Than A Year, but I’m also a full-time astrologer and a cheap one at that. That means I can’t afford to run my own website and I need to make a living, so I write for other people.

Jessie Lanyadoo is a nerd and astrologer who loves to read, write, and speak about astrology. She is also a professional astrologer based in New York City. Her astrological knowledge and experience is the basis for her career as a certified astrologer. She is also a certified teacher with the Institute for Astrological Knowledge. Jessie is also a certified practitioner of NLP. She is also an author of the popular ebook “How to Read Your Astrology Report.” She has her own astrology reading service called Astrological Consultations. She is also a certified astro-dietitian.



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Astrology course for aspiring astrologers. Created by Teresa Reed, Lady Tarot (psst…I’m known as a tarot reader, but I’m also an astrology geek!). Welcome to Astrology Bytes, an astrology podcast for people who want to learn astrology….. but I don’t have all day! Short and detailed astrology lessons.

Episode 135 – Follow your journey with Jessica Lanyadu

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What are transits and why do you want to follow them (or not)? Jessica Lanyadu joins me in the latest edition of Astrology Bytes to talk about this – and more. I’ve been a big fan of his work for many years – and I love his take on all things astrological. During this conversation we also talked about our thoughts on moving through the flow of the planets, studying astrology, internet experts, Gemini’s obsession with magazines, our shared love of Saturn, and their new Astrology for Days app (my absolute favorite for tracking transits!). Listen and learn as Jessica shares her wisdom with the dry wit of Capricorn.

About Jessica: astrologer and psychic Jessica Lanyadoo is the host of the popular Astrology + Tips show, Ghost of a Podcast, author of Astrology for Real Relationships, founder of Zodiac The Vote, and astrologer who created Astrology for Days. She lectures regularly and has over 25 years of experience as a consulting astrologer. For Laniadu, no subject is forbidden or unworthy of kindness.

You can find them all over the internet and at Grab your card, plug in your headphones and enjoy the atmosphere! xo Teresa Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher – or use the great podcast player below to listen and learn with Monte and Amy :

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Theresa Reed: The Lady of the Tarot 2024 All previous issues of Astrological Bytes can be found here.When it comes to tracking your transits, the more information you have, the better. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips for what to do, and what to avoid, in the midst of a transit. Whether you’re interested in astrology, or you’re just curious about the concepts and philosophy behind it, this episode will help you understand how to best use the transits to your advantage.. Read more about patreon jessica lanyadoo and let us know what you think.

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