History and Evolution of Gambling

The past of mankind is inseparably connected with the history of gambling. It has long been proven that no matter how distant in time you travel, you will find signs of gambling wherever crowds of people have assembled.

Therefore, we can safely say that gambling is one of the most aged types of entertainment. The point of gambling is to fund money in the game and get much more if you win. When exactly they appeared is not known and of course, there are disputes on this matter. In this article, we will try to tell you about the main milestones in the development and evolution of gambling that influenced the formation of modern gambling.

Gambling in Ancient times


Let’s start with what gambling is. Gambling is everything related to the gambling business on the Internet, a generalized name for the entire internet gaming industry.

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The history of gambling dates back to ancient civilizations, where you can already find traces of it. Naturally, in those days there were no slot machines and gambling had a completely different look and form. In those days, such a game as dice was common. Both emperors and peasants played dice as far back as Roman times. Dice have even been found in the ruins of Pompeii.

They had four sides and were made of walnut. It was considered a victory if you got a number that can be divided by four without a rest. There is evidence that such games were played not only forĀ  fun, but they also had a sacred meaning, according to the combination that appeared when people set contact with space and predicted the future.

Dice were even used to separate the territory of countries. It was in Sweden and Norway in 100 AD. The kings of these countries decided with the help of dice who would possess the territory of Hissing, thus they were able to avoid war.

Gambling in New Times


In the 17th century, a completely different history of gambling began. At this time, one of the most popular casino games in the world, roulette, appeared in France. The popularity of roulette quickly spread throughout Europe, then conquered America and became the most famous American recreation.

Then in the 18th and 19th centuries, blackjack and poker entered the international entertainment scene. Blackjack immediately won universal love and was regarded at first as a simple card game played in gambling houses. After the appearance of the casino, blackjack took its place of honor there.

Poker also originated in Europe, then it came to North America, where it underwent some changes, evolved into a national American amusement, and returned to Europe in a new format. Now there are poker competitions, and it has also become an extremely popular and beloved game on the Internet.

At the end of the 19th century, the world was waiting for a new invention – the slot machine that appeared in New York. They were reels that rotated after money was placed in them. It is worth noting that you could not find a payout mechanism in the first slot machines, so it was impossible to win in cash, prizes could be obtained just in a bar, getting free cigars or drinks.

Gambling in the 20th century


The 20th century was marked by a significant development in the field of gambling, it especially affected slot machines. At this time, slot machines began to be made not from iron, but from wood. This allowed them to decrease production costs, as well as decrease the noise from the operation of the gaming machine.

Soon there were fruit machines and machines with games on various topics, which interested even women. The 60s are considered the most important in the history of the development of slot machines. At this time, electromechanical devices began to be used in production. They were much more trustworthy.

After some time, a virtual casino and the first online slots appeared, which simply made a splash. At first, only blackjack and roulette were available at online casinos. But in our time, the possibilities of online casinos are not limited, there are new games with incredible plots that attract more and more new fans.


Tracing the history of gambling, you can see that games of interest are simply an integral part of humanity. Each game has come a long way before taking the form it has now and becoming everyone’s favorite. You can try all kinds of games by visiting Parimatch.

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