How to Take Advantage of Blackjack Winning Streaks – 2024 Guide

Out of all the gambling and betting games out there, the classics will always be, well, classic. Nothing comes close to the good old-fashioned game that can be played with cards and not much else. Despite the numerous advancements in technology and entertainment, blackjack is still by far one of the most popular games in any casino. Be it a regular, traditional place in your city or a fancy online casino with great graphics and hundreds of modern takes on the old formula, blackjack is blackjack and it will always be blackjack.

The popularity of the Game

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Simplicity and tradition always prevail and when something is fun, engaging, and relatively straightforward to do and master, why change it? For these and many reasons, this game has earned its status as one of the big ones. Only poker and roulette can be considered equals, everything else is inferior. If you are a passionate gambler, you know full well how big it is. Chances are you play it often.

However, do you know everything about it and do you think you have room for improvement? In this article, we talk about how best to take advantage of a winning streak in this card game. Read on to learn more and make sure to check out live blackjack to test what you learn in one of the many live sessions.

Mastering the Winning Streaks

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Of course, it takes an equal amount of skill and luck to find yourself on a long winning streak. Once there, it is very exciting and it can be inviting and alluring to ride the feeling. This leads to carelessness and the loss of your hard-earned money. Instead of going in blindly, once you win a couple of games, take a step back.

The chances of winning two games in a row is 22.5%, three in a row is 10.6%, and four in a row is 5%. Until 9, you have 2.4%, 1.1%, 0.5%, 0.2%, and 0.1% respectively. At the same time, your chances at a losing streak are between 20% and 50% higher at every stage.

To take advantage of the wins, you need a system. Lucky for you, there are several that already exist that you can use. The first if the Parole system, in which you increase your bet after every win. For example, after you win the first game where you bet $15, you now bet $30. If you win the second game, you bet double or $60 on the third. However, if you win the third, you do not go $120 but down to the original $15 and start again, ensuring you never lose too much and walking away with hefty prize money.

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Another system to try is called 1 3 2 6. Here, you need a betting unit, and the easiest one to go with is $10. The first time, you bet $10. If you win, you go to $20, then $30, then $60, hence the 1 3 2 6. After this though, just like in parole, you start fresh.

More systems exist, like the Reverse Labouchere where you take a sequence of numbers that together make up the desired amount you want to bet. Each time you take two, add them up and bet the amount. If you win, that number becomes another digit in your sequence. If you lose, you no longer have the digits you just added up to play in the previous game. Fun and easy!

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