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An article of clothing is a classic way to show the world who you are. Z-Man Lures is a publisher of clothing that makes a statement. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other items are available at Z-Man Lures.

Have you ever experienced life at the z-man doormatadorZ? If so, you know what it’s like. The floor is so worn out that it’s not even the right shape anymore. The mat is missing chunks of its rubber backing. And the patches are so faded that they’re barely visible. It’s just not the same thing anymore.

The DoormatadorZ is tough enough to withstand the bites of bluefish, but is soft and pliable, giving it a soft action. word-image-8173 You are approaching the most interesting part of the drift, the part where your friend caught a 6 pound fish during the last run. As your decoy approaches the danger zone, multiple salvos of machine gun fire are sent through the line. You swing your rod to spook a small bass or dorado, but you’re not sure you’re fishing with a full load when you throw a bucktail in the right spot.

I got that feeling when I heard about Z-Man’s DoormatadorZ offer to fish for fleas last year. The DoormatadorZ is a 6 inch soft grub bait that can be used on a bucktail or jig head. It is made of ElaZtech, Z-Man’s patented soft bait material that resists tearing and ripping by toothy fish. This means that when fishing for flounder, you don’t have to worry about chub or bluefish cutting off the tail of your bait before you have it for the flounder.

DoormatadorZ is available in eight colors, ranging from basic colors – chartreuse, white and pink/white – to colors like the yellow and blue Fusilier, which was developed for fishing in Australia but has become a popular color for flounder fishing in the Northeast. Of all the options, I like the combination of salmon and white in coconut ice cream best. The other properties of ElaZtech also make it very suitable for flushing.

Although strong enough to withstand the bite of bluefish, it is soft and pliable, making it flexible even when moving slowly; it also has buoyancy, allowing the rod to bounce off the bottom when at rest. Another important feature of a good trailer for flounder fishing is of course its ability to hold and disperse scents. In talking with Glenn Young, National Sales Manager for Z-Man Products, I learned that another feature of ElaZtech material is its ability to absorb oil odors. For packaging, Glenn explains, DoormatadorZ is transformed into Pro-Cure Flounder Pounder Super Gel Scent. One of the most important features of a good flottrailer is its ability to retain and dissipate odors. word-image-8174 According to Pro-Cure, a leading manufacturer of fish flavors and lures, Flounder Pounder Gel is made with real fresh bait and enriched with amino acids and nibbling stimulants. Glenn noted that after fishing (or after a few drifts), the bait can be placed back in the Pro Cure to reabsorb the gel and give off a cloud of scent that attracts flounder as it moves across the bottom. Glenn said the DoormatadorZ is also becoming popular with anglers outside of flounder fishing, including in the surf where anglers have discovered they are an attractive and nearly indestructible trailer for bucktail. For equipping the DoormatadorZ, as for all ElaZtech products, it is preferable to use bait holders or collars with spikes or wire. Most bucktails and teasers available today for bonefishing have wire bait holders that accommodate the DoormatadorZ Grub.

For more information about the Z-Man DoormatadorZ, click here.

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