4 Practical Ways to Help Your Child Recover From Severe Bullying Trauma

You can’t control certain things as a parent, for instance, the dawn of day or your child gaining extra inches every day. And then, there is bullying – severe bullying, precisely. It’s become rampant in Singapore, and teachers have the uphill task of keeping kids under control, which is never an easy feat.

While other uncontrollable things go extreme, child bullying is entirely manageable. However, it sometimes breaks off to taking far-fetched measures, including confrontations with your child’s bully parents if they appear to throw cold shoulders over their children’s unruly behaviors. Or, it could be transferring your kid to a better and safe place. Regardless, there’s always a chance to heal your traumatized young one, and here’s how.

1. Cut contact with the bullies altogether


When you get wind of what your child’s going through, it’s prudent that you intervene and give it a halt. And no, it doesn’t imply that you show up unannounced to the school, tempers flaring and all out wanting to confront the bully directly. Instead, you can reach out to the dean or the school’s administration and explain the situation.

Bullying is usually suppressive, and the victims typically hold back, fearing that reporting the abuse would only worsen things. Once your child’s school administration is fully aware of the situation, they’ll rightly intervene, putting personal boundaries or dealing with the bullies directly. Once your kid is off the hook, you can go ahead helping them heal.

2. Arrange rigorous counseling sessions for your child


By now, it’s apparent that the adversity your child went through has killed out their motivation and reduced their mental state to a mere pulp. Therefore, it’ll be prudent to handle things delicately to heal them psychologically.

A makeshift but proficient counselor can do the work pretty well, offering mental help to scrape off their ‘victim mentality.’ Or you can enroll your kid in a psychiatric school by visiting, where support is abundant. Remember that self-belief and confidence are essential, giving the recovery process a shove.

3. Reassure your kid that they’re safe and connect with them mentally


It’s also apparent that your child is emotionally ruined, and anything that sounds downright negative to them rubs salt to the injury. Besides, any sign of faults in your protection scheme would wreck their belief in your efforts to keep them safe.

Therefore, it helps to constantly reassure their safety and back that up with tangible and assertive actions. Try connecting with them mentally by insisting that it was never their fault. Afterward, walk with them on the beach to break them off from their shackles.

4. Allow the flower to blossom


The flower needs to blossom after staying withered for some time. Therefore, allow your child to get out and interact with friendly peers as they seek to recover altogether. You can also keep a closer look at their interactions, but don’t get too close in their way.

That can work best if you seek a transfer to a better school where bullying isn’t the word. Eventually, your child will find their happiness back and will laugh and jump around as they’re supposed to.


Severe bullying can be traumatic to your child, and your immediate intervention as a parent is always critical. However, if the damage is already done, there’s still a recovery chance for them to recover and regain their initial charm. However, you must be more strategic with handling this issue to stop things from drifting to the extreme south.

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