5 Best Places to Catch Redfish in Texas

Texas is one of the most popular states for fishing, and Texas is one of the best places to catch Redfish, which is a very good fish to eat. Besides being full of freshwater lakes and rivers, Texas is also home to many other types of fish that most people don’t know about.

Texas has some of the best redfish fishing in America, and there are many great places to find them — but the Blue Hole on the Llano River is our favorite. The Blue Hole is an underwater sinkhole that provides some of the best bluegill fishing in the state (and perhaps the whole country).

(Photo courtesy of Benny’s Guide Service & FishingBooker) word-image-5124 Texas rockfish, also known as red drum, are aggressive coastal fish that are most active during hot summers. Rockfish in Texas waters typically reach a maximum weight of about 30 pounds, with some specimens larger than 30 inches and weighing up to 50 pounds. Fishing for redfish is a great way to spend a day on the water. This is an ideal fish for any advanced or experienced angler to add to their collection. Rockfish are often found along the coast near seagrass beds. This terrain provides ideal cover and allows them to hide from predators and to stalk and ambush their prey. Rockfish will eat anything they can get their hands on. They feed mainly on shrimp and crayfish, but also eat smaller fish such as tilapia and croaker. However, they are known to attack a variety of tackle, so it is the perfect fish to use with your favorite baits.

Best places to catch Rockfish in Texas

1. Victor Browning Lake and Calaveras Lake

Victor Browning Lake and Calaveras Lake are reservoirs southeast of San Antonio. These waters are known for redfish and hybrid striped bass, but there are also decent numbers of catfish and trout swimming. They are stocked with goldfish annually and are the only waters in Texas stocked with goldfish by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. When you’re fishing for rockfish in inshore waters, it’s very different than when you’re fishing in the bay or inshore. In lakes, chubs tend to stay deeper in the water and closer to the middle of the lake. We recommend trolling them with gold/silver spoons or deep diving crankbaits. Gas boats are not allowed on the tanks. For more information on tank regulations, call (210) 635-8289 or visit TPWD’s website at https://tpwd.texas.gov/. Guide/Charter Recommended Services : Bones Fishing Guide Service (San Antonio, Calaveras Lake) This is one of the best guides operating on Lake Calaveras for big redfish and catfish fishing. Captain Raymond Bones Eskilsen will take you safely to the best spots on the lake for a great day of fishing.

2. Port O’ Connor

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Port O’Connor is visited by people from all over the world because the waters there are very active. In addition to large numbers of rockfish, these waters are also home to other aquatic species, such as the Atlantic rhinoceros shark. If you’re looking for rockfish, stay in coastal waters. The redfish is a coastal fish that likes to feed on small fish hiding in seagrass beds. Port O’Connor is less than an hour’s drive southeast of Victoria and is well worth a visit for anglers in the area. Guide/Charter Recommended Services : Benny’s Guide Service (Port O’Connor) & Cpt Chappy’s Saltwater Fishing Tips (Matagorda)

3. Trinity Bay and East Bay

About an hour and a half southeast of Houston are Trinity Bay and East Bay. They are both an extension of Galveston Bay, which is famous for catching trophy rockfish. Although it is a bit out of the way for most people, it is well worth it for ambitious anglers. If you’re fishing in East Bay or Trinity Bay, drag along the shoreline until you see a school of redfish. Approach them gently so as not to startle them. They often move in circles or back and forth, so it’s important to pay attention to the direction of their movement. Guide/Charter Recommended Services : Fishin’ Hookers (Texas City)

4. South Padre Island

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Redfish fishing on South Padre Island is possible year-round. While the large gudgeon go to the bottom in late fall, the juveniles and small gudgeon are still active. These young rockfish are generally much better to eat. This is the place to be for anyone on the south coast of Texas. When looking for mullet, it is important to stay on the bank and watch for movement or turmoil in the water. Rockfish love tails, and if they are close to the surface of the water, they are more likely to be caught. Guide/Charter Recommended Services : What happens when you fish? (South Padre Island)

5. Copano Bay

When fishing for redfish in Copano Bay, it is important to stay away from the shallow niches. Although rockfish often hang out near the mouth of the bays, the bays are too shallow for rockfish. They often wait outside these areas, near the seagrass beds, looking for unexpected prey. The best strategy is to keep an eye on the exits of these niches until you see a school of redfish. Once you’ve found the school, determine where their attention is and approach them gently without scaring them off. Guide/Charter Recommended Services : Bender Coastal Staff (Aransas Pass)

Should I book a guide or a charter service?

For your first redfish fishing trip, it is advisable to book a charter or a guide. Rockfish have many different behaviors that experienced rock anglers can recognize. For someone unfamiliar with redfish behavior, it’s hard to know what to look for. When you book a charter or a guide, you’re not just paying for the experience. You pay for the knowledge your guide has gained over the years of fishing. The guides have a passion for fishing and want you to have the best experience possible. If you are looking for a very special fishing trip that you will remember for years to come, book a guide. Guides and charters are not for everyone. They can be expensive, and there are often personal conflicts that can lead to embarrassing moments. So in this article, I’m going to talk about some tips and advice from professionals to help you get started fishing for redfish.

Best time of day and tide to catch Texas rockfish

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Goldfish come to the coast when the sun is shining and it’s warm outside. During the morning and cold hours, they conserve their energy in the depths and behave lethargically. However, when it starts to get warm, that tells the fish it’s time to eat. In search of food they mainly move in groups, making circular back-and-forth movements. This is the best time to catch them. Just drop the bait in front of them and bring it gently to the group. It may take a few tries before a fish catches on, but once it does, it has a bank mentality and immediately excites the group. When the group is excited, it’s the best time to catch lots of redfish. The most important thing is to stay calm and not scare the school. Remember that redfish have a basket mentality and if one fish is deterred, you will deter all the others. If you are able to scare the school off, it will probably regroup and go somewhere else. Try to follow where the fish run off and be patient as they gather. For more information on the best times and tides to fish for redfish, check out the complete guide I wrote.

Texas Rockfish Seasonal Guide

In the winter and on cloudy days, redfish are much more restrained and can be found at depths of about 30 feet. When not deep into the cold season, they stay in burrows and dens along the coastline, waiting to ambush prey. The most effective way to catch redfish in the winter is by trolling with crankbaits or silver/gold spoons. It is also effective to cast live bait/artificial lures near holes in the bank where rockfish can hide. In summer and warm weather, rockfish are active along the coastline and can often be seen dragging their tails across the water. Another indication of the presence of the redfin is the observation of reverse currents. Rockfish like to travel in groups and often swim against the natural current. Since the goldfish are of a considerable size, they swirl in the current and schooling movements are often observed. Another sign to look out for when fishing for redfin is that they often move around the surface of the water. Even if you don’t see any riptides on the surface of the water, it’s easy to identify a school of redfish because they are fairly large fish. word-image-5125

8 tips for catching redfish in Texas

1 – Which tackle to use? Good live bait for redfish are shrimp, crawfish and other decent baitfish you can find around, such as. B. Tilapia or Croaker. If you are using lures, golden spoons or spinners are recommended. However, they do bite on jigs and almost everything else. The best way to choose bait is to find out what they eat in the area you want to fish. However, a good emergency solution is to use baits that mimic shrimp or crabs. Also, spoons that catch the sunlight well, such as gold and silver spoons. 2 – How do goldfish move? When rockfish gather in schools, they move in a circle and back and forth in search of food. They stay very close to the water surface and sometimes follow it. You will likely see schools of redfish, so it is important to be on the lookout. 3 – How do goldfish behave? Redfish have a beehive mentality when they are in school. If you scare one, you scare them all. But if you make one of them go on strike, they all go on strike. It is important to make gentle movements so as not to startle the fish. 4 – How to deal with goldfish. If you approach a group of mullet, cast to them and rod in their direction. They pay attention to what is in front of them. So if you throw for them, they’re more likely to hit. Indeed, when your bait moves away from them, they sense that it is prey trying to escape. Rotate the boat so that you don’t block their path, but can still throw it in front of the school to get their attention. 5 – Where to look for goldfish. Rockfish like to stay close to shore and in seagrass beds. They also gather at the exit of shallow alcoves to wait for unexpected prey. If you find a group of mullet, they are easy to spot. They move around all the time, and just because you’ve controlled an area doesn’t mean they won’t be there later. Rockfish fishing takes time, patience and a keen eye. It’s important not to get discouraged, because they’re probably not far away. 6 – When are redfish most active? Rockfish are most active in the middle of the day. The more sun and warmth, the more likely the robin is to migrate to the upper reaches in search of food. As winter sets in, the larger fish are rarely active. However, smaller fish show some activity because they don’t have much stored energy and need to eat more to replenish it. This makes winter an excellent time of year to catch scorpionfish for food, as young scorpionfish are often much more palatable. 7 – Can you catch redfish from shore? Yes. Although fishing for rockfish from a boat provides better visibility and access to the water, it is also possible to fish for rockfish from the shore. The same concepts apply to fishing from a boat. However, if you have trouble finding schools of redfin, try looking for holes in the bank where they can hide. 8 – The rockfish race The redfin bull run is the period when redfish about 3 years old begin to migrate to the Gulf of Mexico in large numbers in late fall. These rockfish are generally larger, hence the name bullfish. During this time, thousands of anglers will be in the bay looking for a chance to catch a big redfish. Redfish over 25 inches are not uncommon at this point. If you want to catch a trophy, this is the best time of year to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I catch redfish in Texas?

The redfish is a very temperamental fish. Even the slightest changes in water temperature or chemical composition can cause the redfish to become aggressive and territorial. This can make catching redfish difficult and dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid them entirely. In fact, there are many places in Texas where you can find redfish, even in the middle of the night. Here are some of the best places to catch redfish in Texas. Redfish are a lean, mean, fish—and their popularity has grown in recent years. With harvests of the species spawning in both Texas and Louisiana, anglers are finding plenty of opportunities to catch these fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Where is the best redfish fishing?

Redfish are a tough fish to catch and identify, but there are a few places that are good bets for catching them, if you know how to find them. Knowing where to fish for redfish is the first step in any good fishing trip, and you can find a number of great fishing spots that will help you bag a redfish, if you know what to look for. In the past decade, Texas has become the epicenter of the redfish fishing industry. The state’s incredible natural beauty and abundance of freshwater lakes and rivers are currently yielding record-breaking redfish catches. The best place to catch these amazing fish is in the Pecos River, which is a tributary of the Rio Grande. Unfortunately, redfish fishing in the Pecos is pretty much year-round, but there are a few other spots that are worth a visit if you’re looking to get in on the action.

What are redfish biting right now?

Redfish fishing is a sport that draws men and women from all around the country to match their casts with those of their peers and compete for the biggest fish of the day. The sport is often referred to as “The Last Great Outdoors” since the fishing season lasts almost all year long. During the redfish season the weather can be very hot, so it is a good idea to plan ahead and prepare for the weather. The redfish bite in the Gulf of Mexico is picking up as summer draws to a close. I have been in the area on numerous occasions, and I can tell you that redfish are biting even when they aren’t supposed to be. The shrimp are on the small side right now, which usually means the fish will be in shallow water, close to the shoreline, biting on the baits I’ve been testing all summer.

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