5 Surprising Facts About Lips

Our lips are burdened with much more work than you ever realized. They are constantly chatting, eating, laughing, and kissing. And yet, you are in for a major surprise if you believe that’s all there is to know and understand about human lips.

Numerous studies have revealed that a variety of factors, such as the size, symmetry, and shape of our lips as well as how easily we smile, can influence how attractive we are seen to others as well as the positive attributes we exhibit, such as friendliness. That’s not all though! Here are 5 interesting facts we bet you did not know about your own puckers:

1. Each Pair of Lips is Completely Unique


Your lips are absolutely unique, just like your fingerprints. No two lipstick prints on a tissue would be the same if all the billions of people on the earth made them. Movies should start reflecting more forensics investigations involving lip-prints now, shouldn’t they?

2. Lips Lose their Plumpness with Age

Lips that are full and plump are thought to be young and attractive. This is because as we age, our skin’s reserves of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid tend to diminish, causing the skin to lose volume and definition.

Unfortunately, this volume reduction extends to our lips. With aging, collagen production declines, which causes our lips to lose some of their fullness and contour. Lip fillers made of hyaluronic acid are a well-liked and efficient solution to regain their volume and balance.

3. The Border and Centre of Your Lips Have Names


The Vermilion border is the line where your lips meet the surrounding skin on your lips. A well-defined Vermilion border emphasizes the contrast between the lips and surrounding skin and is connected to youth and attractiveness. Due to volume loss, UV damage, and small wrinkles around the lips, the Vermilion border may become less defined with time.

The Cupid’s bow is the name given to your upper lip’s twin curves, which are the two highest points of your lip closest to your nose. This is because they mirror the shape of the bow that Cupid carried in ancient mythology. It makes sense that a defined Cupid’s bow is regarded as lovely as Cupid, whose name means “passionate desire,” is the deity of desire, sensual love, attraction, and affection.

4. Your Lips Cannot Sweat


There are no sweat or oil glands on your lips. Although you’ll never have sweaty or acne-ridden lips, the absence of this natural moisturizer does indicate that they might be more prone to dryness. This is why you are advised to drink lots of water, use lip balm or lipstick with a high SPF, and stay away from skincare products that could irritate your lips if you want to prevent dry lips.

5. Your Lips are One of the Most Sensitive Parts of Your Body


Your lips are one of your body’s most sensitive areas since they contain more than a million distinct nerve endings, easily 100 times more sensitive than your fingertips. Due to the lack of a protective barrier, they are significantly more sensitive.

Besides, compared to the 16 layers of skin that cover the rest of your body, the skin on your lips has just three to six layers of cells. This also determines the rosy pink or red color of lips, since there are so few layers and the blood vessels are so close to the surface. This makes it crucial to exfoliate, moisturize, and protect your lips to safeguard those delicate layers of skin.

What can a CBD Lip Balm do for Your Lips?


You now understand why chapped or dry lips are a typical problem that most of us experience occasionally, especially during the colder, winter months, as your lips are inherently prone to dryness. Thankfully, daily use of a high-quality lip balm can frequently help to treat and prevent dry, flaky skin on the lips.

CBD lip balms are the newest skincare products to take over the market and are made to do more than just temporarily soothe lips. A high-quality CBD lip balm packed with natural oils and extracts can improve the moisturization of your lips and offer further advantages to improve and extend lip health.

So whatever product you use, make sure you look after your lips!

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