6 Tips And Rules For Dealing With Common Car Rental Problems

Car rental services are great and helpful but most of us at some point get in trouble with these. The problems may differ from one user to another but eventually, we are all going to run into them.

Car rental services are necessary and very useful and all of us have used their services at some point. You go on a travel, you fly to your destination and you need a ride to town, hotel or whatever other points of interest. The best way to do that is to rent yourself a car to do that or to use it while you are on your vacation, business trip or something else.

Car rentals are also cool because you don’t have to think about your car being scratched, dented, stolen or worse while you are in a new town. You don’t have to worry about any potential malfunctions and issues that might have set you back a pretty penny. Or, is that so?

There are many car rental services that are mediocre or flat out bad, but if you click here you will find out that there are those that are simply stepping above others! Today we are talking about common problems when dealing with car rental and we will tell you some tips and rules on how to handle them.

1. Additional options


We have all gone to the counter of any rental services and always met a wonderful person behind that counter trying to push us additional services offered by the car rental company. Now, do not get us wrong, many of those services come in handy and you should consider getting them just in case, but you also have to understand that the person selling you those add-ons makes their basis for the commission selling you those.

When it comes to the add-ons it can go from GPS units, additional car seats and other stuff. Now the problem here is that some of these things cost an arm and a leg, and they are not that necessary. So, if you don’t need it avoid it, or if you need it and you can spare your own, like the GPS that now everyone has on their phone or a car seat that you can take from your vehicle, try to avoid paying additional money on that.

2. Rental prices


All of you that plan ahead probably use one of many online services for finding the best and low-priced rental near you or the location you are headed to. There are a few issues with these services and one of those is the fact that they never represent the best deal you can get.

For anyone that uses car rental services more than two times a month for more than a couple of days, will understand what we are talking about because with proper research and good services you can get the best possible prices and lower your expenses in this category. One of those services is AutoSlahs, but there are others as well. Check them out and see what we are talking about.

3. Places you rent cars from


Now most of us, travelers, usually go and rent a car directly from the airport, as soon as we land. What we want to suggest if it is possible and if your schedule can allow for that, is to avoid airport car rental services.

Those of you that are a bit more cost-oriented, and that are trying to save as much as possible, will see that by renting from airports you set aside a certain sum for the airport concession fee. That affects the overall price of your rental and causes you unnecessary expenses that could go elsewhere.

4. Read the ratings


Most of us, either don’t have time or simply forget to do certain things, or we are accustomed to one particular service and we do not check regularly to see if anything has changed. This is what usually happens with car rental companies.

We do not read the reviews or have an insight into ratings, we simply choose out of haste or some previous experiences. These companies grow and change pretty quick and if you haven’t used one for a while it is a good thing to go online and see from user experience what is good and what isn’t.

If there are some changes, what are they and if the company has some dirty trick on their sleeve you need to know about. One example of that is that a certain car rental company made people prepaid for the lowest rates, giving them a daily discount if they did, and that created lines and problems for their users and themselves, every time there is a big and crowded weekend or an important date.

5. Insurance


When it comes to rental cars and insurance you have two options – you own insurance or pay for the car rental insurance, that can be a bit steep especially if you are renting for more than a week. There are some pros and cons to both but we also want to present you with the third option that you have and that is third-party insurance that is usually a lot less cheap than those offered by the car rentals, and way safer for you than you own insurance when it comes to crashing and having your premiums jump sky high the next year.

Think about this third option and find the best one that will cover your car rental company. Save money and stay safe at the same time.

6. Cleanliness


When you talk about car rentals and cleanliness it is logical to expect that you will get a clean and neat car every time you book one. Nowadays it is pretty much the norm with all major car rental companies and you don’t have to worry about that. What you do need to worry about is in what way you are leaving the car after you have finished using it.

Believe it or not, the car rental companies will try and find any little spec of trash to try and bill you for the cleaning of the car. Those bills can be pretty steep so try and take care of that car and don’t leave any trash or garbage in it.

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