3 Cricket Betting Strategies That Always Come in Handy

Cricket Betting has always had a huge space in the world of sports betting, with so many thousands of fans of the game always up to support their home team or favorite sports stars, as well as get some extra bucks in the meantime, while having so much fun.

But, if you are a cricket betting enthusiast, then you also need to make sure that you know exactly what kind of bets to make amongst the host of betting odds, lines and markets available at different sportsbooks. What you need to remember even more are the strategies that you need to follow in order to bet well and win even better.

So, scroll down to check out the strategies that will give you the best out of the cricket betting experience. In case you want to bet, check out sportsbook lists at

The following are the important strategies that will get you through cricket betting with guaranteed wins for you:

1. Look At the Weather


The weather plays a very important role in getting the best out of any sports match, but especially cricket. Why, you ask? Well, here are the reasons. For several other sports, the weather does play an important role, but the game never gets halted or stopped with the advent of awful weather.

In cricket, however, you do not have that privilege. If the rain gods get angry and decide to curse you with heavy showers on a particular day, then it can make a decision for the match which you might not even have been prepared for.

For example, in a game between, say, the West Indies and England, maybe the West Indies were dominant for the last two days. But, then you have unprecedented rainfall for a couple of days, and boom, the match which was a sure shot win for England, ends up in a tie. So, look up at the clouds and watch out for the thunder if you want to win from cricket betting!

2. Check the Game Format


Cricket Betting is also heavily dependent on the format of the game being played. The game is in three modes generally- Test, ODI, and T20.

Test cricket has the longest time of gaming. It is also the oldest cricket format available. There are five days of relentless cricket matches, with over 90 overs to be played in just one day. The way that teams strategize to win at Test Cricket is by creating huge scores in all the overs, so that they can then bowl out their opponents when the series draws to a close. Remembering the winning trick will help you make a calculated bet that always turns up with better wins.

ODI is short for One Day International. It is, as the name suggests, a cricket match which goes on for just a day. In this format, there are 100 overs, divided into 50-50 for every team, and generally the strategy to win is to rake up as many runs as possible right in the beginning of the match, so that the bowlers will get a fair chance to just bowl out or run out the other team when they try to set a higher score.

T20 Cricket is the shortest cricket match of all. It is a short game, but the most nail-biting experience ever. With such little time to get higher scores, T20 is all about the high risk deliveries, the sixes and the fours, making it an exciting as well as risky cricket format to bet on.

If you do not know or understand about format of the game, it is highly probable that you will go and bet without realizing the strategies that a team will be undertaking to win a match, according to the format of the game.

3. Take a Look at All Cricket Betting Markets


Like other sports, cricket also provides a host of betting markets to look into in order to get the best deals and payouts from the ones you prefer. Remember that in cricket, experimentation is not a bad thing, because it is not always that you will get the best deals out of the betting markets that you generally bet on. Using different markets in cricket betting will sometimes make you lengthen the odds or shorten them, while also changing the value in your bets.

Take an example. If you bet for the Match Winner bet in a game between say, a dominant team (that is almost sure to win) and another team (one that has very slim chances of winning), then the bet on the team that is supposed to win is very low, whereas the other team which does not have very high chances of winning has a much bigger betting margin, but a HUGE risk.

Therefore, you should always look up all the other bets that you can make in such matches, maybe regarding the toss or the best batsman or bowler. These include bets such as Man of the Match, Top Batsman, Top Wicket Keeper, Top Opening Partnership, To Score a Century and more.

It is not just the bet you choose, but also it’s value that is significant to check beforehand. If you pick a bet, then you must ensure that you select one where the risk of the bet does not outweigh the potential payout which will be available soon. This will bring you more profits in the long run.


Now that you know about all these strategies for cricket betting, go check out how much money you want to bet on cricket, get into the real money betting scenario and win BIG by just being a cricket betting enthusiast. Happy betting! All these tips and tricks will be sure to help you out even if you are starting out with the cricket betting journey of your lives. Keep a lookout for the pitch, the weather, the teams and the toss and make your betting selections patiently and wisely, without any hurrying to get the best outcomes.

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