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5 Things You Should Know About CBD and Meditation – 2021 Guide

Humans have been into meditation for thousands of years. They practiced it as a way of bringing the mind and body into a relaxed state. Meditation techniques have been used to improve mind power, awareness, and focus.

Research shows that regular meditation is good for mental health and can boost your overall well-being.

Here are some amazing benefits of meditation:

  • It relieves stress and can be used as a treatment for anxiety and depression
  • It can help the body fight chronic inflammation
  • It can improve brain performance
  • It can fight aging effects of stress
  • It can help you cope with pain

Now, the question is:

Is CBD something you can use to get the most out of your meditation sessions?

What is CBD?

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Well, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the dozens of cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant.

Here’s a brief background.

Alongside hemp, marijuana is a type of cannabis plant. The two are different expressions of the same species, with the only difference being the amount of CBD and another compound called THC. Now, that’s a whole other topic.

What you should keep in mind:

CBD is a compound discovered to have many health benefits, and it is present in both marijuana and hemp plants.

So, where’s the connection?

Here are five things you should know about CBD and meditation:

1. CBD Can Boost Focus

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Concentration is a big part of meditation. To achieve focus and complete awareness of your present surroundings, you’ll have to learn to clear your mind off distractions.

That’s easier said than done as many people have difficulties achieving complete focus because their minds seem to be working nonstop.

If you often feel like you’re halfway in during meditation, CBD may have a solution for you.

According to study findings, CBD affects the flow of a hormone called serotonin to the brain; this helps keep you alert. Serotonin actively assists in regulating our mood, sleep, digestion, feelings of happiness, among others.

2. Results Vary

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CBD is a pretty recent discovery, and there’s a lot still shrouded in mystery. Most studies are still in their early stages, while others have stalled.

But what scientists have found is that the effects of CBD and other compounds in cannabis can’t be fully understood yet.

Results vary from person to person, which means different people using CBD to improve meditation may not have the same experience.

3. It May Boost Calmness

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CBD has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, which are huge factors in promoting restlessness.

One study revealed that CBD was able to lower down overall anxiety levels in people with social anxiety disorder.

Keep in mind that meditation is all about centering yourself and complete relaxation. If you’re having a hard time calming yourself, you may use CBD to give you a boost.

4. CBD Doesn’t Intoxicate

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The fact that CBD is present in marijuana makes many people think it can get you high.

CBD won’t put you in some weird state of euphoria as some kind of “zen mode.”

Do you need to get “high” to achieve a high level of mindfulness?

No, because it beats the logic as you want to be fully aware and capable during meditation, not mentally compromised.

Therefore, CBD can fit nicely into your meditation routine without negatively affecting it.

5. Meditation Partner

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CBD is a meditation partner.

Some of the benefits you get from meditation, you can also get from using CBD and vice versa.

For instance, if you have trouble sleeping, you’re suffering from chronic pain, or stress and anxiety, regular meditation can help you find relief. The same goes for CBD, as many people swear by it when it comes to these same problems.

Can a combination of both give you the perfect combo?

That’s for you to decide


CBD doesn’t directly affect the outcome of your meditating. It plays the role of a helper to give your body a little push so that you can benefit more from meditation.

To understand the role CBD plays within our system, it’s essential to learn more about cannabinoids, terpenes, and their effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system.

You’ll realize there’s so much to these compounds than we know and that they can help in many ways to unlock our potential.

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