Writing Guide to Create a Perfect Modeling Resume

To get a modeling job despite having an impressive portfolio and pretty face is not an easy task. As a model you need words to convey your talents and skills which pictures can’t. An impressive and attractive resume can help you out in finding a desirable job.

A resume which comprises of effective information about your talents and skill can get you a job. An effective resume consists of organized and logical information regarding to your career. Modeling resume is a document through which you can communicate your talents, skills, potentials, abilities and experiences as a model.

It includes the information regarding your academics, professional experiences, skills and talents. In this article you will be explained how to create a model resume. For more information you can check out

Sections included in a Model Resume


A resume should include all the information about you as a model. An effective and efficient resume can be categorized in different sections. These sections include your personal information, professional information and skills as a model.

If you provide the required information in sections it makes your resume easy to read and understandable. All the resumes for different jobs have some common sections. The information sections required for a model resume are described below.

  • Header
  • Summary or objective
  • Work history
  • Schooling
  • Skills and talents

A perfect format for Model Resume

To choose a perfect resume format for an impressive model resume is also a tough task. There are different types of resume formatting according to your skills and experiences as a model.

Following are the basic three formatting styles to format your model resume.

  • Chronological resume
  • Functional resume
  • Hybrid resume

Chronological Resume

It is the most common formatting style. The model who has a work experience, adopt reverse chronological order to give the information about their skills. The models who are associated with agencies can mention their work experience along with agency name. In this formatting style you have to start with recent work experience and then mention the work accordingly. Through this style you describe your modeling development and growing journey.

A Functional Resume


An aspiring or inexperienced model will require functional resume format to showcase his/her potentials because this layout will focus on your talents and potentials as a model rather than employers.

Hybrid Resume

A hybrid resume format is the combination of both functional and chronological resume format. It will follow both chronological and functional resumes format. If you are in the process of switching careers then this layout will help you to not only describe your past work experiences but also the strengths and transferable skills as a model. This layout used to describe your strengths and potentials as model as well as your capabilities to do more.

First Section (Header)

Being spotted and get a desired project in the sea of talented models and professionals is not an easy task. In this regard the first section called header in your model resume is very significant. Header includes your personal information (contact number, E-mail address, mailing address). Despite that you can also add your picture and precisely describe your physical features. This will help the hiring agent to get an idea about your physical appearance.

Summary in a Modeling Resume


Resume summary is the personal statement. Through which you can define yourself as a model. Precisely and comprehensively you showcase your passion as a model and tell your modeling attributes. Along with that you may also tell your height, weight or size. Use understandable, self-reliant and assertive language to define yourself.

Work Experience

This section includes your experience as a model. You describe your past accomplishments as a model. How many shoots you have done along with the agency name. How many brand campaigns you have been part of? You can mention fashion shows you have been part of.

Add statistical data to describe your qualifications as a model. This section is the reflection of your past as a model. You can add your achievements and acknowledgements from all these shoots, campaigns, runway shows and catwalks.

Learning Experience in a Modeling Resume

As a model you are not required to have a specific degree. Even though education section can make your resume more appealing. Always mention your qualifications or degree name. In this section you can mention any kind of certificates, rewards or awards related to modeling. Extracurricular activities in high school can also be mentioned. Any participation related to art, drama or photography can add spice to your resume.

Skills and Potentials

Enlist your hard and soft skills as a model in resume. Mention your skills and potentials according to the requirements of modeling agency.

Hard skills include your potentials or strengths as a model for example your poses, modeling talents, endurance, coordination and flexibility.

Soft skills include personal traits as a model for example punctuality, commitment and professionalism.

Layout and Design

Your resume’s layout will help you to grab the hiring agent’s attention. For this purpose choose an eye grabbing resume template. Be consistent with the font size, text style, header, footer and color splashes throughout the document. Seek for a proportionally balanced “36-24-36” overall theme, with each portion running flawlessly into the next. That consist of black and white combination between text-dense sections and the surrounding white spaces of margins and line separations.

Tips to Consider While Writing a Model Resume

  • To get a desired job you need an attractive and impressive resume along with portfolio.
  • Choose the format of your resume according to your experiences and skills as a model.
  • Each section should comprise off your skills and talents in the best descriptive way.
  • Create your resume according to the requirements of hiring agency.
  • Enlist the well-known brands name and shoots to make an impression.
  • Language should be easy to understandable yet attractive and unique.
  • Enlist the names of poplar brands, shows and photographer you have been working with.
  • The layout and design of your resume should be eye catching.

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