5 Tips to Bet on Favorite Sport and Win

Let’s face it, we all love playing online gambling games on our favorite sports such as football, tennis, baseball, and many more. Of course, everyone wants to win their bets these days but if you want a guarantee for winning each bet then here are 5 easy steps to follow:

1. Easy Bet


This is an excellent idea to start off with because this is a very simple way of increasing your betting odds by a great amount. To make an easy bet simply enter into a betting shop from certain bookmakers that allow you to place multiple bets within one single transaction – for example, Oddsmonkey is one of those rare bookmakers that allows you to do this.

When you make a multiple bet in one transaction, the bookmakers usually add a multiplier to your stake. For example, if you place a €100 bet in a 4 fold accumulator the bookmaker will add a pretty substantial multiplier to your stake depending on what they offer. The higher the number of bets in total and also in each individual bet than the more chance you have of winning.

2. Multiple Bets

Bookmakers offer excellent odds for stacking up on multiple bets same as with an easy bet but when it comes down to actually placing that many bets into one transaction then this can be quite tricky due to certain restrictions that some bookmakers have regarding how many bets per single transaction you can put through – for example, most mobile betting apps have a restriction of max 6 bets per transaction.

However, if you are lucky enough to use an online bookmaker that allows multiple bets in one single transaction then go for it! You can place up to 40+ bets with certain bookmakers when making use of this tip but there is still the same multiplier attached so bigger stakes mean higher returns. It’s also always worth checking what the free bet maximum stake is before handing over your money.

3. Don’t Be Afraid


Everyone seems to be afraid of placing big stakes on accumulators because they fear losing their entire bankroll but you should not be afraid too much because even though the odds are low in these cases it does not mean that you will never win them or just keep losing.

Bookmakers rarely offer odds of more than 1/10 for these accumulators but this doesn’t mean you will never win – it’s just the way bookmakers make their money because they are able to cover themselves with expensive free bets or given away by generous betting shop bonuses.

4. Sharing Bets

Do you know what is better than placing a big bet and winning? It’s sharing the winnings with your betting pals. If you wish to share your bets or even offer others the chance of winning too then sign up for an account with either Betfair or Smarkets. These two bookmakers allow you to make bets on other people’s accumulators and winnings without staking a single penny from your own pocket.

This is a great way to earn money from betting without even placing any bets yourself – simply sign up for free at either of these bookmakers and wait for someone to place an accumulator which you can add your bet to then sit back and watch the winnings roll into your account.

5. Bonus Bets


Bonus bets are the best way to earn money from your betting picks. You have to be extremely careful with bonus bets though because most bookmakers simply release their free bets as a promotional offer and they only last for a certain amount of time so if you don’t claim them quickly then you will miss out on getting anything at all.

Most bookmakers will offer you free bets if your accumulator wins or you use some of their other offers such as the welcome bonus so it’s always worth checking their offers page before placing your bets. Also, look for betting promotions that offer you an enhanced return on your free bet if you win. For example, N1 Bet Germany offers you up to 10 times the odds when your free bet wins so this is an extremely attractive and lucrative offer.

So, there you have it – five tips on how to make the most of your accumulator bets and hopefully increase your chances of winning. But don’t forget to make sure that you always bet in accordance with your bankroll and stakes level because if your bankroll is too small then betting will provide nothing but stress and frustration. Always try to enjoy your betting experience because it’s all about having fun! If you keep winning then all the better for you but don’t be afraid to take a loss or two, it’s all part of the betting experience.

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