A Few Ways To Save Money At Target

The supermarket chain Target has an extraordinary number of supermarkets in the United States, where you can buy everything from everyday groceries to home appliances and even electronics. Department stores are open every day with hundreds of thousands of shoppers, and not everyone knows what’s good for you, even at a big box store like this one. Here are a few simple ways you can save money when shopping.

The first way is to buy products on sale


Every week, the retail chain publishes its Target weekly ad preview, which always includes items that will be discounted or just a nice price that week. It should be noted that the catalog is divided into categories and the products for which the offer is formed change every week. You can take advantage of the offer in usual stores as well as in Target.

You can find weekly discounts on the market’s official site and on third-party resources such as Weeklyadusa or Weeklyadss and the like. There is also a printed flyer that can always be picked up at the store’s checkout to see the current offers.

In addition, you can see the available offers through a mobile application, which can be downloaded and installed on your cell phone or smartphone with Android or iOS for free. You can download and install it from the official stores AppStore and GooglePlay.

Make sure to check out this website to know more about it.

The second way is to use coupons and promo codes


Every week, the company’s website publishes special electronic coupons, which give a discount on certain products. All the customer needs is to register on the official site and print out such a coupon. It should be used at the checkout of the store simply by handing it to the cashier along with the goods.

This option is also available in the mobile app. In this case, the buyer should open the electronic version of the coupon and show it on his phone to the cashier, who will scan the code from it.

Promo codes are a separate option for saving money at Target Market. They come in different types: for shipping or for a discount. There are also various other terms and conditions that you should read carefully before using a promo code, because it will determine whether or not the customer will receive a discount.

The third way – to participate in ongoing promotions

Promotions are quite common in supermarkets, they are often published at the beginning of each month and have a certain period, which can vary from one week to several months. Typically, such activities are held in conjunction with popular brands of manufacturers, which, in turn, want to increase their visibility and customer loyalty is to their brand.

In some cases, you can get not just a discount on some goods, but also to receive a valuable gift in the form of a prize. For example, many companies hold prize drawings for customers who have made a purchase in Target supermarkets for a certain amount of money and registered as participants in the promotion.

The fourth way is the Target loyalty program


All customers can take part in the Target circle loyalty program and get a permanent savings discount. For this purpose it is enough to pass a simple registration on the official website or in mobile application and to indicate your phone number.

After registration a customer automatically becomes a member of the loyalty program and gets a permanent discount of 1% on all purchases. Since the system is cumulative, in the course of time the discount can reach 5%. When filling in the membership form you should write your date of birth – on that day the customer gets a 5% discount for shopping at Target supermarkets.

To use this method, just go to the store cashier and tell your phone number to the cashier or provide a code to be read from a mobile app.

You can use this advantage not only to buy goods, but also to get a discount on services provided by the store – home delivery of goods.

A small bonus for customers who were registered in the bonus program is a subscription and free use for up to 4 months of some services by apple: cloud storage of 50 GB, access to Apple music, video hosting and games.

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