Cactus & Succulent Decor Ideas To Try For Your Home Office

When designing your working place at your home, you have to think of everything that you like so you can increase your productivity. However, you should be careful not to add too many things because they can distract you and it will only look good without functioning well. Your working place is primarily your desk, so you should focus more on that place, and then on the surrounding objects. Firstly, you should find a place for the things that you need most, like pens, paper, and similar things.

Other than the objects that you have to use, you should try to put greenery in your office to bring it to life and have it more colorful, helping you to calm down and focus more. One of the best options, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort in keeping your plants alive, is succulents. They are on the smaller side, green, and they are aesthetically pleasing. You can place many of them, and different types as well to add diversity and have your office looking nice.

Have them planted in nice pots

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The pot is as important as the plant itself because of the looks that it offers. You can be creative with that, and choose the pots that you really like. They can be made in many shapes, and that is what makes the whole process more interesting. You should be careful with the color of the pots so it matches the other parts of the interior. They can be the same color, a shade of the theme so you can gradually go from darker to lighter, or you can pick colors that make the contrast and are a great detail in your office.

Place only a few of the smaller ones on the desk or under the window

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Your desk is one of the most important parts of your office because all the work is done on it. To be more productive, you don’t want your working area to be untidy and with a lot of objects. A clean area, only with the essentials on it is the best thing for maximizing your working experience. To add life to it, you should place a couple of small succulent plants or cacti on the corners in a nice pot. That way it keeps the minimalistic look, while also adding greenery to your sight. Other than the desk, you can place them under the window, especially the cacti because they need sun exposure and they will not take up the space that you need while doing your job.

Implement pot raisers or stands

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If you want to have your plants by the sides of your desk, or in a completely another part of the room, especially bigger ones you should try to use the pot raisers. They are like a stool for the pot so you can have it raised and it will automatically look better. You can combine the colors and have everything up to your taste.

Put them in one place

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This is another option that you can do, and that is to place all your plants in one part of the room, like a green place. You can do that on a shelve or you can have a specific cabinet made for that purpose. That way they will not obstruct your desk and you will still be able to see and admire them. Also, when maintaining them, you will not forget any of them.

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