How Much Does It Cost To Get Rid Of A Sofa?

Sofas are one of our most important pieces of furniture. We couldn’t live without them. We need them as a spot to relax and to cuddle with our pets. Of course, it offers friends a comfy spot when they visit us. However, they also only have a limited life span. At best, a sofa accompanies us for years to come. Eventually, for each sofa comes the time of replacement. You probably already eyeball a new one. Before you can get it, you need to get rid of the old one. Without a doubt, asking for a professional service from Jiffy Junk is the way to go when it comes to furniture removal.

Let The Pros Take Care of The Furniture Removal

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The first option that’s come to mind is to hire a team to dispose of your sofa.

The advantage of professional furniture removers simply is that you won’t have to lift a finger. All you need to do is to give them a call. In most cases, they can be around on the same day. Should your sofa arrive tomorrow, you can probably do without it for one evening. Just open the door, the point at your sofa and that’s about it. You either have to worry about it if it could be recycled. The service takes care of it. No-fuss, no must.

On the downside, the removal service charges a fee. They have to come with a truck and invest the labor effort of removing your old sofa. The fee also includes disposal costs. Not all parts of your sofa can be recycled. The fees for sofa removal vary hugely from as little as $ 60 up to $ 300.

What the fees are based on

At the first glance, it might surprise you that there’s such a huge price gap for different removal companies. First of all, each furniture removal offers its services at a different price range. Secondly, the fees are based on the living standard in your area. If the costs of living are rather low in your area, you can expect lower fees. Likewise, the fees will be higher with a higher living standard in your area. Thirdly, the fees depend on the size of your sofa. The smaller it is and the less space it takes up in their truck, the lower the fees will be.

How to find the cheapest offer

Everyone likes to save money and no one wants to spend more than necessary. To find a removal company with the lowest fees you won’t get around collecting estimates. But be on the lookout for the small print and make sure the estimate includes all fees that might occur. Some furniture removal services entice with extremely low prices. In the end, they charge extra costs that weren’t mentioned in the estimate, such as disposal fees or a fee for their drive. All fees need to be part of the estimate. If not, you can expect to pay more than you planned.

Offer it to Friends

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Depending on how large your friend circle is, there’s certainly someone around who’d require a sofa. Even if it was the first sofa for a student who’s just moving out. Maybe someone is furnishing a new cabin and still needs a sofa. Another one could have set up a leisure area for his teenage kids. And yet another may just have lost everything and is glad about each item he or she can get.

Consider Offering Your Sofa For Sale

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If your sofa is still in good condition and you just don’t like it anymore, you could sell it. Take advantage of the numerous buy and sell platforms such as Craigslist, Kijiji, Offerup, eBay or even the Facebook Marketplace.

Take a few pictures of your sofa and its measurements. Please do mention if there are particular traces of wear and tear. You don’t want a potential buyer to pop around, who doesn’t take it after all because of one minor flaw. Simply put your sofa online and earn a few bucks on the side with it.

A consignment store would be another solution for furniture removal. But you’ll have to get your sofa to the shop somehow and will need some help with it. Ultimately, you could offer it at a garage sale. You’ll need to move it outside for that purpose, too.

Cons of selling your sofa

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You may not be able to sell your sofa in time before the new one arrives. Thus, you need to make sure you can offer some temporary space for it elsewhere. Moreover, potential buyers might be a no-show. It can chew away at your precious time to wait around for them. If they do turn up, you need to expect them to bargain. It’s unlikely you’ll get the price you’re offering it for. And maybe no one takes it after all.

Make it a Donation

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There Are countless charities and furniture banks (with a similar scheme to food banks) who’d take your sofa. Check your area for the Salvation Army or a branch of Habitat for living or AmVets.

The catch of donations

Not all charities are in the position to come around for furniture removal. You need to check with them first, if they’d be interested in your sofa and if they’d collect it. Additionally, charities have guidelines as to the condition of furniture they accept. As a general rule of thumb, if you’d not appreciate your old sofa as a gift, don’t try it with a charity.

Exchange Your Sofa With a New One

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It’s not yet a common practice, but some furniture stores also offer furniture removal. IKEA as well as Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture and Sears offer such a service. To let them take care of furniture removal for your sofa, you need to buy a new one from them. It’s consequently more or less just a one on one exchange.

Parting Words on Sofa Furniture Removal

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Even though some furniture companies offer removal, they don’t offer this service in each state. The fees also vary and you might be better off with a proper furniture removal service after all. So make sure that the company you choose to work with is prepared for everything.

Professionalism is the key to every successful project. So, don’t settle for anything other than the best fit for your removal

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