5 Tips on How To Buy The Perfect Japanese Car From An Auction

There are European and American cars, but people still opt for Japanese used vehicles because of the quality, maintenance, better fuel consumption, cost-effectiveness, and many more benefits.

Moreover, Japanese exporters have made it comfortable for foreigners to get their desired car from the auction. Buying a used car in Japan isn’t nearly as complicated as in the US. And you don’t need much money to do so.

Maybe you’re shopping for a car, or perhaps you’re selling your current vehicle. Either way, buying or selling a Japanese used car is essential. With the proper process, you can avoid the pitfalls that come with online auctions and make a deal that’s worth your while.

Asians mostly purchase Japanese cars. They are a standard vehicle to drive in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. these cars are more preferable in these countries. One of the main reasons is the 0% import tax on such a vehicles.

Communicating with your exporter can let them know what you are looking for and every nitty-gritty detail. You can tell them your requirements; your affordability, and they’ll figure out what’s best for you. So, it’s better to communicate with your trader or exporter company. In addition, you can clear any doubts you are having before taking another step.


Before buying a vehicle, you should know every nitty-gritty detail and nuances before purchasing a used car. It’s our longing to own a car, and you can fulfill that by buying a Japanese U. They don’t cost an arm or a leg; These  used vehicles are cost-effective and ideally kept.

With that said, we prefer you to choose a Japanese used car instead of buying a new car. This cars are reliable and environmentally friendly. They are over-pampered by the previous owner not to get a high charge if the inspection fails.

Without further ado, we have come up with some crucial tips to help you get your perfect car. Let’s dive into the next part of your article. Here we have a few tips, which can help you get an ideal vehicle from Japanese car auction for your dwelling.

1. Consulting a right Exporter


If you are an international customer, you can’t just open a trader company site and order a vehicle. We all are acquainted with frauds and scams happening on daily occasions. You should be aware of those as well. So, choosing a proper exporter should be your priority. Let’s see what you should first check before consulting an exporter.

  • The company should be in this business for more than a decade or five years.
  • Check company license, registration number, and verification certificate of police.
  • Check their valid email address, website, and telephone number.
  • They have a link to an auction house.

In addition, you may not be a native Japanese speaker. You can hire a translator or contact your Japanese friend (If you buy it from an auction). In an auction, 70,000 plus cars are placed from 120 auctions in Japan.

In addition, the exporter will bid if you are a foreigner on behalf of you. But for that, you need to pay the exporter the cost of the car.

2. Choosing your desired vehicle


Buying a car isn’t a piece of cake. The second step is to make a choice. You can take your time. Check the list of the vehicle and know what’s better for you. Check the stock prices and every detail of the car. The exporter will help throughout the journey.

Japanese cars come in different sizes and shapes; it depends on what you are choosing. Don’t consult only one exporter; try other traders and check their stocks. After that, compare the prices of all the traders and get on with the suitable one.

Moreover, there is an inspection test every year in Japan and a Shaken test every three years. Check the inspection sheet, chassis number, and pictures of the car from every corner. In addition, because of inspection, the car prices decrease. It’s because the earlier car owners to tend to sell it before the inspection, thus reduces the cost.

3. Ordering the vehicle

You are very close to owning a car from Japanese car auction. Suppose you have decided what would be suitable for your roads. You can ask for an invoice for the car from the exporter. The traders will email you the invoice, and you’ll have to pay the amount to the exporter. Make sure you deliver the amount before the deadline.

Moreover, make sure you have selected what you were expecting. Or else, you’ll have to face the music later.

4. Shipment process


After the exporter receives your payment, your order will be ready for shipment. The shipment can take a while. It depends on the space available. It takes a week to be shipped typically.

If you are a US citizen and importing a car from Japan, it can cost some bucks. The charges of shipment from Japan to the US are around $3,500 to $6,000. In 16 to 17 days, the car will be at your door: the time is for US only, Asia might not take that long.

5. Picking up your car

Finally, the brutal struggle pays off. You are just one step away from bringing your car home. After you receive the documents, it’s time for you to start registering the vehicle in your country. You’ll have to pay the taxes and other charges to take your car home and sit in comfortably.


Buying a car from Japan can be overwhelming sometimes, but the vehicles are worth a shot. They are unique with advanced technology and adequately maintained. In a nutshell, Japanese automakers have taken over the globe with spectacular quality making. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of used cars has fulfilled the desires of most of the people, those who can’t afford luxury cars. The exporters have a role here, too. They have made possible ways for foreigners to buy a Japanese vehicle without any difficulty.

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