5 Ways to Enjoy November in Melbourne

Though a trip to Melbourne can be eventful at any time of the year, November is a particularly special time in the world’s most liveable city. It is at this time of year that the weather begins to heat up and you will begin to notice the locals starting to come to life, moving their events to more outdoor venues and enjoying more and more outdoor activities.

1. Sand Sculpting Festival


November is the true beginning of the beach season in Melbourne. The weather is fine and the surfing is great but one of the most impressive parts of the beach life in Melbourne is the annual Sand Sculpting Festival.

From fairy-tale scenes to almost lifelike heroes, the sheer talent that is displayed at the Sand Sculpting Festival in late November is nothing short of incredible. Until 2018, this festival was held in Frankston, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, but it has since been moved to Boneo Maze which is located about an hour’s drive from the CBD. If you truly love the beach, then this contest is something to behold that will be sure to impress.

2. Aus-X Open


For adventure sports enthusiasts, November is an exciting time to be in Melbourne. The annual Aus-X Open is one of the most famous motocross and supercross events in the world. This action sports extravaganza is held at Marvel Stadium in the city’s center.

Even if you are not into motorbikes, watching the world’s best dirt bike racers come together to battle it out for first place is the epitome of excitement. There’s plenty of giveaways from the sponsors, so the kids will love it and the pyrotechnics are amazing too.

3. Melbourne Cup Day

Melbourne Cup Day is one of the only sports-related public holidays in the entire country. Though the other states of Australia don’t get the day off work, Victorians have long enjoyed the tradition of taking the first Tuesday of the month off to watch the race that stops the nation and to find out what the Mackinnon Stakes odds will look like for the last race of the Carnival on the following Saturday. There’s glitz and glamour and a world of excitement to be had during the Melbourne Cup Carnival that is unlike any other Australian event.

4. The Color Run


This multi-colored madness takes place in Melbourne in late November every year. It is known as the happiest 5k on the planet and for good reason. Each section of the track is decorated in different colors as are the runners themselves. The sight of it all is not unlike India’s Holi Festival with all runners being coated from head to toe in a rainbow of colors once they cross the finish line.

5. Australian Grand Prix


You can certainly hear it when Formula1 comes to town. With the track being located across from Albert Park Lake on the outskirts of the CBD, you need to be quite a distance away to not hear the buzzing of these incredible machines as they fly around the track.

Melbourne is lucky enough to be featured on the annual Grand Prix calendar and people travel from all around the world to attend this prestigious event.

With all of these amazing events and more, a trip to Melbourne in November has a lot to offer the active traveler. There really is no better time to visit.

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