Understanding The Value And Allure Of The San Francisco Mint Coin

Coin collectors are a unique breed of people. They collect items that were once used as legal currency but that has now been retired. The face value of the coin in its heyday is no longer equal to what a collector can pay for or sell a coin for. The value of the coins that a collector gathers is determined in part by how many were created when that coin was originally minted.

Understanding what makes a coin so valuable starts with knowing where it was created. In the United States, coins were originally created in Philadelphia. As the gold rush moved more people out west, it meant that raw gold was transported by stagecoach from places like Colorado and California.

This put the drivers and the gold at risk. Because of this, the San Francisco mint was created. This allowed local gold to be turned into real coins that could then be used in commerce for buying and selling and removed the requirement for gold to be transported thousands of miles across the country. In modern times these coins are very valuable. The early coins were created in limited quantities, which adds to the allure of owning one.

What Does The “S” Mark Mean?


Collectors often have a list of their personnel must-haves when it comes to coins. They are constantly on the lookout for the right items to add to their collections. The “S” designates where the coin came from.

Coins that were produced at the San Francisco mint have an “S” while coins produced in Denver or Philadelphia have a “D” or a “P” respectively. When collectors are looking for a certain coin that was minted in a specific year, they start by looking for where it was minted.

How Valuable Are Coins With An “S” From The San Francisco Mint?

Coins that were produced in San Francisco often have values higher than their face value. That means that some quarters may be worth a few dollars, and some pennies could fetch you an additional 25 cents. For collectors, they are often looking for rarer coins and older coins with the “S” on them.

In general, older coins are more valuable than newer ones, and finding an 1800s era coin with the right mint mark could add thousands of dollars to your coin collection.

What Factors Impact The Value Of Coins?


There are a lot of factors that will contribute to a coin having a higher value than its face value. Rarity is one of the factors to consider. This means that in any given year, a certain number of coins are produced. In some years, limited runs of specific coins were done.

Coin collectors know these details so that they can find rare and interesting coins. The way that coins are imprinted can also affect their value. Some imperfections can actually boost the value of a coin. Finding older coins from the San Francisco Mint can be a great addition to any collection.

Finding The Mint Mark And Collecting Coins


You’ll find the San Francisco and other mint marks on the face of the coin. The mint mark for San Francisco coins can be found on currency from 1854-1955 and 1968-present. There is a lot of interesting history behind the San Francisco mint which adds to the allure of collecting coins from them.

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