3 Simple Sports Betting Strategies all Beginners Can Use

Online gambling industry is about to reach the peak of its popularity. This is also the case with sports betting. Did you know that betting on sports is one of the oldest activities of this kind? Some of the first records of this activity seem to be older than 2,000 years ago.

However, at the beginning of the 20th century, and especially in the US, it had started to gain popularity, although it still wasn’t legal and widely accepted. Then sportsbooks got legalized a couple of years later, and the rest is history.

Aside from sports wagering, one of the oldest casino games is poker. Poker’s origins date to even the 10th century, but it was also developed in the US in the 19th century, after which it became a global phenomenon. The interesting thing about both of these games is the fact that both of them managed to last until today, and still be both exciting, fun, popular and profitable.

However, whether you are a fan of poker, sportsbook or any other type of casino games, one thing is sure – the most important thing if you are a beginner is most certainly – not to rush. What do we mean by this?

Before you indulge into any game, you need to do your research, get skills that are needed, organize when it comes to your bankroll management, make goals and make decisions when is the right time to stop, and how much you can lose.

All of these factors are extremely important, because if you get into the game unprepared, you can easily end up losing your money or in other words – overspending. And that’s not the only downside you can face. Considering the fact that there are many illegitimate websites, landing pages or casinos that are there only to scam you, finding reputable sources of fun is the number one thing you should pay attention to.

When it comes to sports betting, people usually wonder what is the easiest sport to win money on. The answer is simple – it’s soccer. The reason for this is the world’s biggest tournaments, a very dynamic field, and it’s very easy to do research and predict what is going to happen.

Also, another good thing about this sport is the fact that you can become an expert step-by-step, you don’t have to know it all at once. This means that when you do your research and learn the basics, you can start experimenting and understanding the concept of value, as well as comparing all the odds and lines and finally – place your bets. On websites such as you can find great offers, bonuses and opportunities, no matter what sport you choose.

If you’re a newbie in sports betting, other than being careful and not jumping into the game too soon, there are certain strategies you can use, to both understand how wagering on sports works, and what is the best way to conquer the game:

1. Choose A Sport (Or Sports)


Although this may seem like a logical thing, choosing only one sport or up to 5 different ones is crucial, since it’s impossible to be an expert in too many sports. And also, it’s not only about your knowledge, but it’s rather about being able to collect all the needed information about the teams or players you’re about to place bets on, since it’s all about comparing the scores and trying to make accurate predictions.

This is why you shouldn’t spread too much when it comes to things to bet on, because you will most likely end up losing your money. But if you really focus on one sport, in one area, chances that you will be successful in it are much, much higher. However, there’s one thing you should know – some games can be fixed easier than the others, and those are usually the ones with low amounts of players in it, or in other words individual sports.

2. Double Your Bet After Losing


This is one strategies people usually use when they first start Sports betting however it has been proven that this strategy is good for bettas who are not newbies only but her professionals as well how does this strategy work when you place your first bet and you lose it it the next thing you should do is to double the amount of money you first in that’s it so that if you win you can both cover your first loss and turn the exact amount of money you invested in the first place.

What’s good about this strategy is learning how things work and and if you would rather rely on your luck then your skills and you have a huge amount of money that you can invest then this is a strategy for you however if you lose too many bats this means that it can become hard to to retrieve all your double money from your losses however if you have a lucky streak then the strategy will work for you

3. Increase Your Bets By A Certain Percentage Each Time


The strategy is easy to understand but it’s one of the best ones when it comes to sports books. How does this strategy work? Before you put your first bet, you should calculate the percentage of the total amount of your money that you are willing to invest, and then when you place the bet, and you either win or lose the money, the exact percentage you calculated in the beginning, is the amount you will add to every next bet you place.

Every time you win money, you will add that amount to your total bankroll, and then you would again, calculate the percentage of it that you’re ready to invest. For example – 20%. What’s the best thing about this strategy is the fact that if you lose money, you will subtract that amount from your bankroll and then place the next bet accordingly – you will calculate 10% or 20% of your bankroll, but that amount will be lower than before, because you’ve lost some money. Simply put, you won’t drain your bank account fast, and you will increase your winnings gradually.

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