3 Best Modern Westerns You Must Add to Your Watch List – 2024 Guide

Western films are really a special genre that can certainly be classified as evergreen. These films deal with always current topics and are very recognizable for their unique aesthetics.

In case you are a big fan of western movies and you can enjoy them for hours, you are probably always looking for new content that you can watch. If this is your situation, you will be glad to hear that we have prepared something for you. Continue reading if you want to hear some of our recommendations for modern western movies.

1. The Salvation

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The Salvation can certainly be classified as a western film, but it is far from what you are probably used to from this genre. And this is not surprising considering that the production and direction are of Danish origin.

The film is quite disturbing, both because of the plot and also because of the landscapes that look very gloomy and depressing.

Expect brutal scenes that conclude with the fact that sometimes courage and intellect are not enough to dominate the cruel world of the West. The whole flow of the film is very simple and even, so don’t expect too many surprises.

However, it is this continuity that contributes to the overall impression. You certainly won’t be able to forget about this western long after watching.

2. Unforgiven

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One of the most famous and popular modern western movies is definitely Unforgiven. And given the phenomenal plot and the fact that the magnificent Clint Eastwood is in the lead role, it is not surprising that this film won an Oscar.

The action takes place back in 1881, where William Manny, a well-known (but retired) outlaw, returns to action.

What you can expect from this work of art is the extremes continuously facing one another: courage and revenge, heroism and courage. What will win? You will find out if you choose this western for one of your next movie nights.

3. Hostiles

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Curators is another modern western movie that you must watch if you haven’t already. An unusual, difficult story that provokes a lot of emotions and a phenomenal acting team led by Christian Bale will leave you breathless. Scott Jason Cooper did a phenomenal job, which can be seen by the reactions of the audience to this work of art.

The main theme of this film is violence and its deep analysis. Many consider the film to have a very dark note, all because it deals with issues of racism, consequent violence, and morality that seem to always have two sides. This western will surely encourage you to think more deeply about life and reconsider your true values.


Western films still remain one of the most popular and beloved. Their actions are pretty much always very profound and these movies deal with common life topics, even when it doesn’t seem like it. If you are a big fan of this genre, we suggest you watch some of the modern western movies, such as ‘The Salvation’, ‘Unforgiven’, and ‘Hostiles’, which will expand your collection and open up some new horizons.

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