Soft And Hard Blackjack Hands And How To Play Them

Most people have a thing for trying games that give them an adrenaline rush throughout the game until the end. And when it comes to being lucky in different games, the first thing that hits many avid gamers’ minds is SA Casino online.

Casinos are an interesting place where people trust their gut and either win big or lose to have double thoughts about it later. There are endless opportunities owing to the number of games that are a part of the casino world.

Out of all the games, Blackjack hands is the one that witnesses great footfall and rising interest. Let’s explore everything about Blackjack hands and other related things that will help you have an outstanding win.

About Blackjack


Blackjack enjoys the status of the most popular casino game on both online and offline platforms. It is a globally played game and welcomes people from all nationalities to play via the online platform. A lot of variations in the game are a major reason for its footfall.

There are 2 important features of the game that you should know about. They are as follows:

  • As a player, you have many blackjack tables in front of you that offer different betting limits. So, you can choose what is fine with you. You can select the table based on the betting habits and budget during the game.
  • You need to get first-hand information about the type of the how house edge followed by the total they have in their hand. Familiarity with the process of counting cards is also important.

Other things need to be further understood for a better understanding of the game, followed by a nice play. They are mentioned as follows:

  • All cards have a specific numeric value.
  • The case is separate for Kings, Aces, Jacks, and Queens. All these are either counted as one or, sometimes, eleven.
  • The face cards stand at a value of ten.

The game has a straightforward card system. But, there are some unavoidable things you’ll come across while playing the game and the ways of tackling them perfectly.

Soft Blackjack Hand And Its Playing Technique


The ace card has a numeric value of 11, and that’s when you can say that you have a soft hand. This card is advantageous as you can go for total adjustments when your situation permits.

Here’s one thing to note while having a soft hand – you need not go bust by hitting, as you can change the ace’s value anytime while playing the game.

Some possible combinations that you can get while playing this game are as follows:

It will be a soft sixteen if you have an ace and a five. In this case, if the dealer has a stronger card, you can decide to improve the possibility by hitting this one. Draw a new number, and you can go for switching its value by combining it with the ace. Please don’t use it until you know about a bigger number. If you see that the possibility of the dealer’s strike is higher, it is better to double it down.

The strategy can be continued until you have a soft eighteen. In that case, you’ll have to make 3 moves. If the dealer has anything between three to six, the best thing to do is double down. But, if the card 2, or anything higher than 6, stands there. In all the left cases, the best option is to get an additional card.

It is the basic strategy. Even though wins are not guaranteed, there are lesser chances of undergoing hefty losses.

Ace is a powerful card that puts you in a better position in the game by offering flexibility and helping you increase the chances of improving the total that you have in your hand.

Hard Blackjack Hand And Its Playing Technique


The hard hand justifies its name and is the opposite of soft hands. It does not have an ace like this one, and the total should not exceed 21. It is more like a disadvantage; getting this one is more likely to increase the risks while playing the game.

The only suggestion is that if you get a hard hand, the best way is to hit to save yourself no matter which card the dealer comes up with. Also, this rule does not apply to cards of lower value than 6.

If the total value in your hand is 9, and the dealer has anything between 3-6, you can double it down. In other cases, hit and try to improve the value in hand. If your total is 10 or 11, doubling is the key, as the dealer may have a 10 or, in worst situations, an ace. If your card total in hand is 12 or more, don’t wait to hit, and in other cases, the best way of saving yourself is to stand.

In simple words, if your numeric value in hand is equal to or higher than 17, all you have to do is stand. You have a better chance of improving your score if the dealer has a smaller card, and that’s how you’ll be able to improve your position and hence, your chances of either winning or losing less.

In all cases, no matter where and how you play this game, know whether you have an option of surrendering from the game or not. If you can do it, the situation is still fine, but if not, there can be bigger losses. So, confirm this beforehand, and then jump into this pool of trying to win big through skill, knowledge, and of course, your luck!


That’s everything that will help you enhance your gaming skillsĀ and use hard and soft hands in the blackjack casino game properly. Whether you play this game online or offline, the strategy and playing tricks remain the same.

And, if you are a new player to this game, you are on the better edge of being a smart player and focus on emerging as the winner of the game.

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