How To Make Your Own Yard Signs?

Even if Internet advertisement has become extremely popular, it is not able to replace such traditional advertising mediums like print signs which are low-cost and easy to locate wherever you want.

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Here you will find yard signs of different shapes and designs to choose the most appropriate one for your purpose. Also, you can try and make it with your own hands. We are going to tell you more on this subject in this brief review.

The things you may need


So, you have decided to use yard signs to make your business known by the wide target audience and increase your profit. This construction is very convenient. You can move it easily without any effort and need for special equipment. So, you should start with a choice of its location and information you want it includes so that you can decide on the size of a sign. Then, you should prepare the required inventory like:

  • a stand in the form of stakes of the H shape and in a variety of sizes if you want to make several yard signs. They are usually made of plastic which is light-weighted, quite firm and lasting.
  • find high-quality materials for the sign itself like vinyl or fabric. They should be firm not to be damaged due to severe heavy weather conditions.
  • if you have a rocky yard, you should think of special tools to make holes in the ground to place this sign like hand drills. Also, you are recommended to have a rubber mallet to push a stake in a hole giving several whacks with it.

Now it’s high time to think of a unique design. If there is a lot of space, you can use images, textual messages, and logos to fill it in.

What should be done?


The well-designed sign is half the battle. You’d better consider the following tips to develop an efficient content:

  1. It is clear that a yard sign comes of a relatively small size limiting any creative concept. But this limitation can be regarded as a challenge to find attractive and brief content. Usually, it contains a brand or business name, contact details, and promotions. It is important it calls the passersby attention. The design should not be too complicated to understand. On the contrary it should be simple and clear. But it should be bright enough to cast an eye and make people remember the key message.
  2. It should stand out. Even if the design is simple, it should be unique focusing on the vital goals of the business. Apply any tactics you can imagine to make the brand or name of the product, event eye-catching and easy-to-recognize.

  3. The contacts are the must. You can mention address, website, or phone number, but there must be any information that will help concerned people to reach you out to do some asking about your offer.
  4. Mention the brand. It does not matter what exactly you promote with a yard sign, it will be better to include the name of your company and/or slogan to spread awareness of them. It will speak for your business or product you want to sell without providing too much information on this sign.
  5. The style is important. It can be minimalistic or very detailed and multicolored. Any decision should be reasoned and well thought-out. You should consider color, font, and other elements.

When you create an efficient yard sign design, you can print it at our shop and use it for your purposes. On our website you will find the phone number and contact us to place an order of yard signs in San Diego.

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