Why is Keyword Research Essential in SEO? Some Tips for Qualified Keyword Research – 2024 Guide

Before defining a strong and robust SEO strategy, thorough research becomes essential. And keyword research is often one of the first steps when it comes to writing content for blogs or doing copywriting for social media or ads.

Many prominent SEO companies in Melbourne often suggest that before you plan to develop a website, it is better to know the likes and dislikes of your core audience. For instance, if your business sells pens, know what kind of search terms your end-users will type in search engines when they would want to buy a similar product online. In other words, those terms are known as keywords for your business. If you want to target a better ranking with the SEO, then you can avail of the services from the best SEO agency Melbourne.

Once you know the appropriate keywords to target, gather all your SEO expertise and revolve it around those keywords. You can concentrate on those keywords not only in your website’s content, but also in your blogs, guest postings, and various outbound SEO activities that an SEO analyst usually performs around the web.

Now, let’s have a look that how a significant keyword research process takes place:

Step by Step Process to Carry Out Keyword Research

1. Find Your Objective

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People often consider this ‘Objective Finding‘ step the most mundane one. As a result, they either take it lightly or completely overlook it. However, the approach should be actually the opposite. Unless you don’t understand the virtues and goals of your firm, how do you exactly suppose to accelerate it on the path of triumph? Do you know why your organization is better than the others? Do you understand what makes it unique?

To answer such questions, keyword research is necessary. Apart from that, get a few minutes of your precious time out of your busy schedule and understand your end-users or customers as well. Such as whom are you targeting? Are you willing to deliver the promises you are flaunting on your social media or website?

2. Prepare Your Long Keyword List

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Once you understand the objective of your business as well as the demand of your users, the next step is creating a new Microsoft Excel page or a Google Spreadsheet one, and writing down all your keywords in the same. A renowned digital marketing honcho once said that – “To understand your customers well enough, get one with your customer, think like your customer, and even be a customer of your own brand in your soul.” After that, imagine the terms your end users would user and write them down. Later, put all those terms in the spreadsheet you had prepared earlier.

3. It’s Time You’ve Started Researching the Keywords

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Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed all the fundamental steps of keyword research. Now’s when the actual game begins and you make your keywords more accurate, precise, and relatable to the ongoing queries of your potential customers or prospects. And thanks to technological advancements, you already have some handy tools to do this hard work for us. Google itself features two ways to do it.

The first is through Google’s “Search Engine Result Pages” and the second one is Google Ad’s Keyword Planner Tool. Apart from that, some other tools also come in handy including Answer the Public, and SEMRush. These tools will put a good amount of keywords with their search information, ranking difficulties, and other data that will help you make further SEO decisions.

4. Make Long Tail Keywords Your Friends

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Exact match keywords are all good and stuff. However, the real magic happens with long-tail keywords. Being long-tail puts those keywords in advantage as they may capture the user’s broken queries from their head and tail parts.


Always remember that there’s a major difference between an average SEO Strategy and a ‘Sustainable SEO Strategy.’ And profound keyword research has the potential to convert a rough plan into the sustainable SEO Strategy we are aiming for. Without a doubt, you might end up with a great many keywords in the end. But you always have the advantage to select the optimal keywords from that list.

However, once you overcome the keyword planning part, you will find a bigger and more dreadful part standing right next to you and that is – writing great quality content. But hey, after conquering the first battle, the motivation will keep us going to shine out our SEO war, right?

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