Making Hike In Dolomites A Success

The Dolomites, a mountain range on the eastern side of Italy and bordering Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland. Hiking in the Dolomites may sound like a remote undertaking, but it does not require extreme physical fitness and can be easily done by anyone who is moderately active. There are well-marked trails, even for beginners.

Tips for making the hike in dolomites a success

1. Hiking with a guide


The guides know the best places to go and will provide you with essential hiking equipment. Mountain guides are usually native to the area and know all the trails, mountain passes, and best places to stop for lunch or a drink. They speak English and offer a unique insight into Italian culture along the way. for information on available tours contact.

2. Hiking in a group


Hiking in a group is a great way to meet people, learn more about hiking, and have fun. In addition to that, hiking in a group is also less expensive. A couple of people can reduce the cost by renting a guide and renting their own equipment. Remember, a guide can be hired only with a group of three or more people.

3. Parking at the trailhead

The best thing about hiking in the Italian Dolomites is that everything is right there. There are many parking lots near the trailhead with well-marked signs. Parking is pretty much free, even if you are visiting during peak tourist season.

4. Hiking in summer


Hiking in summer can be challenging, depending on the weather conditions, but there are ways to minimize the risk of being caught unprepared.

The first thing to take into account is the season you are planning on hiking: winter, spring, or summer? Summer is highly recommended because it has less snow and waterfalls which can make trails more slippery than wintertime.

5. Be prepared for all weather conditions


Make sure to bring a good pair of hiking boots, omni-heat socks, proper undergarments, and a waterproof jacket. It is recommended to bring more layers in case of weather changes during your hike.

Italian dolomites bring a lot of rain and snow. Heatwaves can be also strong at times so pack light and bring layers. Therefore it is advisable to pack clothing that can be layered to protect you against the rain and the cold even if you are hiking in summer.

6. Carry a first aid kit


Make sure you have adequate medical supplies in case of an emergency. Have bandages, gauze, and medical tape with you. In addition, the first aid kit should include antibiotics for treating an impetigo infection and other possible infections. You can also take First Aid Courses in Toronto to develop your skills when responding to emergencies.

7. Respect nature


The Italian Dolomites are a unique place to go hiking, with lots of flora and fauna that can surprise you. Some plants are very poisonous and should not be touched. One of the most common poisonous plants in the Dolomites is called “trovafiori”. It will cause you to experience a burning sensation on your skin that doesn’t go away and it can also cause long-term damage to your body.


Hiking in the Italian Dolomites is a lifetime experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. You get to explore beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and valleys and each trail has a unique personality. Not only does hiking provide exercise and a way to have fun but also it provides an opportunity for solitude and reflection.

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