Glass is in Session: A Beginner’s Guide to Glassware

There is a lot to consider when choosing between herbal accessories. The wide range of sizes, styles, and functionality is more than enough to overwhelm a novice stoner. It’s also crucial to consider your lifestyle and smoking habits, which will prevent you from making an impulsive purchase of the first shiny piece you lay eyes on.

Of course, buyers should also remember that not all glassware is created equal, so it’s best to shop from trusted retailers like MJ Arsenal.

Are you ready to take a course on glassware? Here is everything you need to know before swiping your credit card.

Why choose glass?

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You’ve probably seen accessories made from all types of material, from wood to metal, so what makes glass the superior option? The primary reason is its ability to retain heat and maintain cleanliness.

When applying heat to a glass piece, you don’t have to worry about inhaling toxic fumes that damage your lungs and your smoking experience. Instead, glass can withstand up to 1250 degrees F before it loses integrity and can be reused repeatedly.

Form versus function

Another argument in favor of glass is its knack for style. Talented glassblowers can create unique pipes and dab rigs that resemble anything from psychedelic octopi to glow-in-the-dark ice cream cones. The more intricate the piece, the more expensive and delicate they are, which can help potential buyers in their decision.

If you prefer functionality over artistry, there is plenty of glassware that suits your taste. Consider a miniature dab rig with a sturdy percolator or a simple chillum for on-the-go smoke sessions.


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Spoons are perhaps one of the most widely recognized types of glassware on the market. Named after their spoon-shaped bowl, the pipe features a simple design with a small hole for inhalation at the tip and another hold called the carb.

The carb allows you to control airflow inside the chamber using your finger and prevents precious herb from burning too quickly. While the glassware is basic, it is also reliable and perfect for newbie stones.

Water bongs

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This type of glassware uses water filtration to cool smoke and filter out any unwanted particles. Bongs feature a tall stem with a mouthpiece at the top and a large base that holds water.

Extending out from the base is a downstem, which holds a glass bowl to be filled with cannabis. Bongs offer a richer and more intense smoking experience as they allow the user to inhale more smoke at one time.


Resembling a glass cigar, chillums are small cylinder-shaped pieces that fit in the palm of your hand. In one end, you pack herb, and on the other, you inhale. Chillums are ideal for quick sessions but aren’t suited for multiple hits in one go.

Dab rigs

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Dab rigs also use a water filtrations system, like a water bong, and can appear similar in design. They also feature several additional components like a percolator and a glass nail. Simply load the nail with wax concentrate and use a torch to heat the chamber to high temperatures.

Once the concentrate vaporized, inhale through the mouthpiece to filter smoke through the water chamber. Veteran stoners prefer dab rigs for the intense high provided, but they can also be used by newbies who practice moderation.

Final thoughts

Buying your first glass piece is an exciting moment in your smoking journey. With this guide, you’ll be one step closer to finding the right accessory for you.

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