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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Frame for Your Interior Doors

The interior of our homes is important, as we want the place we feel safest and most relaxed, a place where we spend the most time with those we care most about, to be designed by our taste. There are many ways to go here, and options really are numerous, but certain things like picking the right door frame for our interior doors is a step that we shouldn’t take rashly.

Yes, finding the perfect frame can take more time than planned, as there are many things to consider and keep track of, but knowing the basics and musts can be more than helpful, as by knowing them, you can focus on specifics like the style or color of the frame.

Furthermore, getting a few tips on how to make the whole process easier and faster yet highly effective is always appreciable, and that is also why we will now focus precisely on that.

1. Choose the right material

Source: thedoorboutique.com

Interior door frames can be made of various materials as they are not exposed to external factors such as heat, sun rays, cold, and rain, and because of that, they do not need to be made of strong ones. However, one of the most popular materials for door frames is wood, and when it comes to interior ones, the most used is so-called softwoods.

Of course, we can choose whichever material we want, but there is no need to spend a little fortune on some material that does not necessarily need to be used for this purpose. It is always a much better option to choose among the materials used for this certain purpose, save some money, and get the maximum out of your purchase.

Of course, knowing which materials are great and which are just sufficient is not easy, and if you do not know where to start your search, make sure to visit EuroBlock, check their great offer, and choose the best frame made from the best material for the best possible price.

2. Style is important

Source: riversidemillwork.ca

After you are sure you got yourself a good quality material, the next step is picking the right style, as this can play a crucial role regarding the looks of the rooms and your entire home. Now, even though this decision is solely about what your taste is, not every door frame style is suitable for every room.

The main goal here is to find the one that will fit perfectly into the overall looks of that specific room and provide that special vibe you want. That’s what makes them such a crucial element, as even though they are a basic mechanism to open and shut, they are much more important from the aesthetic point of view. If you still haven’t decided on your door design, take a look at these for the latest door design trends.

In the end, the best way to determine which style to go with is by carefully picking the one that will give out that opulent vibe. Luckily, even the pickiest of people will easily find the style they want, as there is an option to get custom-made ones.

3. Match the colors

Source: southernhospitalityblog.com

This one is simple, as in most cases, both colors should match, and it can be pretty challenging to find the exact one if we are changing only the frame, but not impossible. Every color has its name and number, which should make the matching much easier, so we should try to find this label when choosing the color of the frame.

On the other side, we can always choose some other color and make the interior of the house much more interesting and vivid. The choice is ours, and there is no wrong one when it comes to the place where we live and spend most of the time.

Of course, one can always decide to spice things up and go with a non-matching color. If you want to make such a decision, make sure to go with the shade that will fit perfectly with one of the doors, regardless of whether a perfect contrast or similar color mix is your goal.

4. Consider various kinds of frames

Source: grassfire.org

The search for the perfect frame can be even more complicated because of the fact that there are various kinds to choose from, and if someone doesn’t have at least a type they are fond of, well, set some time aside, as this could be a long ride.

Now, you should know that one of the most important decisions is whether to go with a fireproof type or not and, understandably, choosing the fireproof one is always a better and safer choice as it simply grants more security.

Besides that, you should consider if it should use the sliding door system, have the top panel or porch added, or something else. The options are numerous, and it is up to you to choose the best one for your residence. Keep in mind that if you are changing both at the same time, you can also change the type of it, meaning that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same type as the one before.

5. Measure everything properly

Source: metrie.com

Once we decide to change the frame, it is important to measure everything properly to ensure that it will fit perfectly. The important measures to determine are the height and width of the wall opening and its thickness.

It’s also important to take your time and, as the old saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once.” It is not complicated at all, and one can do it without any help since all they need is a carpenter’s rule and a paper to write the measures down.

After measuring the wall opening, you will need to check the measures of the frame that can fit, and in most cases, they are written in the table on the website of the manufacturer. Having all this info will reduce the chances of making any kind of mistake regarding the size, and here, even the slightest misstep can set you right at the beginning, as you will have to start your search and measure everything once more.

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