3 Benefits of Getting a Custom Night Guard for Your Teeth

Do you sometimes wake up with a severe headache and painful jaws? You might be suffering from a bruxism condition. Bruxism is a condition that involves the clenching, grinding or gnashing of teeth. Patients may suffer either awake or sleep bruxism.

Stress is one cause of bruxism. The main challenge is still no known cure for this condition. While controlling the underlying causes of teeth grinding and clenching can be tricky, you can minimize the effects by wearing a nightguard to reduce the friction.

Read on to learn more about a nightguard and why you need to get a custom one, or you can click here to visit the site.

The Meaning of a Night Guard


A night guard is a hard or soft retainer-like piece that people wear on either the upper or lower teeth to cover the biting surfaces. Most people would prefer a custom teeth night guard because people have varying teeth patterns. You can get an over-the-counter night guard or have a unique design just for you.

You have to get a mouthguard that molds appropriately to fit your teeth without making you uncomfortable. Some dentists call it a nocturnal bite plate, a bite splint, or a dental guard.

Benefits of a Teeth Guard

A dental guard has many benefits to a bruxism patient.

1. Protects Your Teeth from Damage


Clenching or grinding teeth while sleeping can result in breaking or chipping your teeth. Wearing a custom teeth night guard can protect you from these problems. The bite splint will save you money and pain.

2. Helps To Reduce Headaches

Bruxism can lead to tension and chronic headaches. When you grind your teeth continuously, you are likely to experience pressure in your ears, jaws, and head. As a result, some patients wake up in the night experiencing surges of pain in the head. A custom teeth night guard will reduce the pressure in the teeth and jaws, minimizing these headaches.

3. Boosting Your Sleeping Pattern

Bruxism pain can often result in an uncomfortable sleep. You can enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed sleep. A custom teeth nightguard helps the jaw muscles relax, which gives you relief in your sleep.

Why You Need a Custom Teeth Night Guard


You can have a bite splint customized or buy it from a store. However, the experience differs; a custom one from an orthodontist in Washington DC offers the best experience you want.

First, an expert makes a custom teeth night guard in the laboratory with an actual mold of your tooth. The customization ensures a comfortable fit in your mouth.

Also, a dentist can recommend a custom teeth night guard to suit your unique needs. For example, if your bruxism is worse than others, you may need a thicker bite splint.

In addition, custom teeth guards relieve jaw strain as they position muscles to reduce teeth grinding when you are awake.

The Process of Getting a Custom Teeth Night Guard


Getting a custom teeth night guard is a simple process. The dentist first takes your teeth impression to make a custom-fit guard. They may use a dental putty on your teeth crevices to create an exact design of your smile.

The dentist designs the mouth guard in the office or sends the mold to the lab. They put a layer of high-temperature plastic on the precise requirements to make a teeth guard. Cooling the dental wear makes it more durable.

The Bottom Line

Bruxism can be frustrating, but dealing with its effects is better than ignoring it all the same. Therefore, getting a custom teeth night guard may be your only solution. If you are looking for more permanent dental options, including all on 4 dentures, please check out The Point Dental.

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