5 Reasons Why Poker Is On The Top Of All Games

Poker is a popular card game and stood the test of time. In the last two decades, the game has experienced an unprecedented rise in popularity, thanks to the evolution of online technologies.

However, in its purest form, poker is more than a simple game of bluff. The game requires immense skills and expertise to become the best poker player in the room.

The poker game’s origin can be traced back to the 17th-century. The game was widely played in Persia and called As-Nas. A small pack of cards was used to play the game, and it was about bluffing, folding, and raising.

The best hand is the winner and takes the pot. In the early 19th-century America, the modern version of the game evolved, and stud, draw, and community card were the primary types of poker. Within these, there are varied variations and rule tweaks.

The advent of the Internet and the exponential rise of the online gaming world allowed poker to become one of the most-played card games. As a result, the game’s popularity exploded, and the arrival of online poker games gave everyone equal opportunities to participate and compete.

Even though other card games are played online, poker has held its ground as one of the best card games in the pack. Here’s why.

1. The game is played universally and catches on like wildfire


Poker is a highly addictive game. Its popularity spread rapidly, and card game lovers readily accepted it as the king of the pack. While the USA continues to be the spiritual home of poker, countries like Mongolia, Brazil, Indonesia, India, France, Malaysia, and Armenia are setting Google Trends on fire.

The poker game is ubiquitous, easy to learn, and a great way to keep boredom at bay. Anyone can quickly learn the game and get the hang of it. But, first, you need to download the game on your smartphone and enjoy endless hours of poker fun.

2. The ideal combination of skills and entertainment


Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular iterations of the classic poker game. In the community of card game lovers, gamers share five cards with several betting rounds. The brilliantly structured game combines luck, bluff, and strategy. Also, the game is highly entertaining. Therefore, it is the ideal combination you need to help you stay occupied.

Online poker games take only a minute to learn, but you need to play as many practice games as possible to master the game. Poker is one of the few games played at casinos that require skills of the highest level. It is about your memory and cognitive skills and the ability to make informed decisions.

3. Poker games online are played anywhere, anytime


Poker was always popular, but its explosion is due to the adoption of technologies. Poker is more interesting to card game lovers because it is available online. Punters get to interact with real-life online players while playing poker virtually, and therefore, avoid having to go to packed casinos. Moreover, it is possible to study the playing pattern of players by observing their virtual tell.

Poker games became a conduit for professional gamers and newbies by becoming a part of the online gaming world. Even university students with degrees in advanced mathematics started playing online poker games.

During the pandemic, people couldn’t leave their homes and maintained social distancing norms. Therefore, the pandemic was the final push for online poker’s popularity. Now, people cannot stop playing online poker games whenever they are free.

4. Online poker games are great for socializing

Do you want to spend time with your friends without leaving your home? Consider playing poker. A round of poker will keep you engaged, and when you choose to play the game online, you can connect with your friends virtually and meet other real-life online players.

Structurally, the game of poker encourages banter. It would help get your opponents to react or reveal their tell. Also, the game is about forming the best combinations and winning the tournament.

In online poker games, players are in complete control and can set a budget. They don’t need to worry about losing a shirt because they can stop the game anytime and switch to playing free practice games for entertainment. In addition, the online poker players you meet online can become great friends, or you can share poker strategies to learn the game better.

5. Poker is enjoyed by Hollywood A-listers and gets a ‘cool’ status


Did you know poker has made several cameo appearances in some of your favorite films? For instance, in Casino Royale, James Bond is seen playing Texas Hold’em in one of the scenes.

Poker has also been the primary theme for several films, such as Mississippi Grind, Rounders, the Cincinnati Kid, etc. In addition, even professional poker players have done many cameo scenes in movies.

What’s more, poker has lyrically inspired many musicians, including Lady Gaga, Kenny Rogers, and Motorhead’s Lemmy. Hollywood A-listers also enjoy the game during social gatherings and parties.

Summing up

Poker is one of the most coveted games that players want to master. The game demands a lot of patience and skills. If you want to get started to get a seat at the ‘cool table,’ you need to download the game right away and start learning the rules. Play free practice games to learn about the game’s structure and then participate in tournaments and win big.

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