What Every Audiophile Needs To Know About Floor Standing Speakers – 2024 Guide

What every audiophile needs to know about floor standing speakers:
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Nowadays, everyone wants to have a nice set of speakers so that they can get surround sound in their home theater systems. However, it takes simply more than just buying the fanciest set of speakers at the store, if you would like to get the sound quality that you want. You need the information in this article if you want to make a better decision about what kind of floor standing speaker is most appropriate for you. This is because there are a lot of speakers that are being sold on the market, and you need to find out if floor standing speakers are the right kind of you. If you do not know where to start, then let this article help you out on floor standing speakers.

Floor standing vs. shelf speakers: the difference

Another choice of speakers that you may have is a shelf speaker. These speakers are way more compact than a floor standing one. If you are planning to put speakers in a small area, such as your bedroom, then a better alternative would be a shelf speaker. But for bigger audio rigs, such as in your den or around your home theater system, then getting floor standing speakers is the obvious choice. This is because floor standing speakers can produce a louder and wider range of sound than shelf speakers. Read this to know why everyone is going for tower speakers.

Types of floor standing speakers:

There is more than just one kind of floor standing speakers. And if you want your sound system to produce a wide range of audio and be versatile in sound playback, then you need to purchase a complete set of the following free standing speakers.

Woofer - These speakers have got drivers that produce the lowest frequency sounds. Free standing speakers with woofers always have a great bass response.

Sub woofer - This is the speaker component that amplifies and spreads the bass of the audio. The sound is Omni-directional, so you can feel it all around.

Tweeters - These kinds of speaker usually have the smallest drivers, so that they can produce sounds at high frequencies.

Mid-range - These are the main speakers of a set of free standing ones. Mid-range speakers produce the frequency of sounds that human voices and most instruments produce.

Speaker size:

The different kinds of floor standing speakers can also come in different sizes as well. These different sizes can either be two-way, three-way or even four-way speakers. Obviously, the higher the number then, the bigger the speakers. Anyone who has got a decent home entertainment system would want to use a four-way floor standing speaker. However, these kinds of speakers are much larger, and therefore take up a lot of space. Be sure that there is ample space wherever you want to position these big speakers.


Whenever you are shopping for a new set of floor standing speakers, you have got to know all of the information in this article. It would also be of big assistance if you checked out various reviews of free standing or tower speakers too! There is a lot of important information about floor standing speakers that you can find in those reviews that you can read. And that information can lead you to more affordable or higher quality free standing speakers that produce better audio and sound. So if you would like to high-definition surround sound, be sure to get the right kind of floor standing speakers. In terms of prices we have guides for speakers under 500 and under 5000.

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