How Listening To Music On A Great Speaker Will Change Your Life – 2024 Guide

How listening to music on a great speaker will change your life

Music lovers worldwide share the common feeling of thrill when good music is on. Even when thousands of people will say that they enjoy listening to their favorite tunes, only a selected bunch can tell the difference between different sound qualities.

What makes the music-listening experience so different, then? The answer is short and simple: the choice of speakers!

A lot has been said about the pros and cons of the different types of sound technology. These days, the market offers a wide array of product alternatives. However, the main choice still remains the same: shall I get bookshelf or floor standing speakers.

Despite the obvious physical differences, both types of speakers share some common features, such as actual power handling. After all, both speakers use the same tweeter and woofer and crossovers are the same. This brings us to one main difference: cabinet size.

Does enclosure matter that much? You bet it does.

How Great Speakers Enhance Sound Quality

Power from Within

It is in the sensitivity and volume area where large speakers thrash all the others. For starters, it is because of its greater internal cabinet volume that a floor standing speaker is more efficient. This efficiency is often described as sensitivity which is, technically speaking, a measure of the sound pressure level (SPL) or output decibels (dB) at a distance of one meter, for 1 Watt of power input.

This technical feature translates into a higher output, AKA “louder sound” for any level of power input. Even when loudness may vary depending on external factors, such as room size; the bottom line is that a floor standing speaker will always produce a higher volume.

Bass Galore

Now the booming sound which is largely coveted by music fans is only possible with a floor standing speaker.

It is in the area of low frequency bass extension where you can fully assess the perks of having a great speaker. This is all a matter of physics. A greater internal cabinet volume is the natural provider of a greater capacity for low frequency extension.

In short, lower bass notes will be generated, even at high volumes. The degree of bass will vary according to the size of speaker and design of cabinet. One thing is for sure, a floorstander is bound to shake your dance floor big time.

Accuracy and Imaging

  • Baffle Interaction: The drivers are usually mounted to a front facing panel in your speaker known as baffle. Upon moving, the speaker drivers emit sound whose waves travel across the baffle. A larger baffle has a greater impact on sound.
  • Frequency Response: By their physical nature, bigger speakers generally include both larger and additional drivers. That means that more air can be moved at lower frequencies which may eliminate the need of subwoofers.

The Final Say

If you are looking to enhance your music listening experience, a floorstader is the obvious choice. Get a better-quality, more vivid sound with large speakers and let the rhythm get into your veins.

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