The 10 Dog Breeds for Families

A dog has long been man’s best friend because all other friends can come and go, but a dog will stay with you until the last day of life. In addition to being a man’s best friend, a dog has a positive effect on a man’s mental and physical health. It is believed that this pet has a great impact on the proper development of children.

Moreover, many studies have shown that children who are in regular contact with a dog have better immunity, are less prone to allergies, and have better organizational and communication skills. Children who have a pet learn about responsibility because the dog needs to be walked, bathed, and fed, and this is what children can and should do at least in part on their own.

When choosing a dog breed from Prestige Protection Dogs, there are several factors to consider, not just the look, as this often proves to be a bad idea. When choosing a dog, you need to first consider which breed would fit perfectly into your family’s lifestyle. Read below which dog breeds are ideal for families.

1. Bichon


Bichon is a breed of short dog. They are especially a great choice if you plan to keep your dog in an apartment or house, and if you have little space available. They are very energetic and smart so you will never be bored with them.

From time to time, you will have the feeling that you have a real little plush toy next to you, which is irresistibly dear to you. The bison is also characterized by calmness and gentleness in behavior, which is why it is a common choice for a pet. In addition to this advantage, bichons have hair that does not cause any allergies in humans, so they are a perfect choice.

2. Jack Russell Terrier


Do you remember the movie “Mask” with Jim Carrey and his dog Milo? Jack Russel Terrier is just like in the movie – a loyal friend, cheerful, active, and a bit silly. Being a hunting dog, he is extremely energetic, combative, fast, and intelligent. The owner of such a dog needs to invest more knowledge and effort than with the vast majority of dogs of similar size.

3. English Bulldog


The English Bulldog is perfect for those looking for an undemanding dog. What many people don’t know is the fact that the English Bulldog is a very intelligent breed. He is very sociable, likes to have fun, but again he is not overactive.

It is less active than other breeds, which is why more and more people are choosing it as a pet. They do not shed too much and it is enough to take them for a walk once a day, which makes them ideal for keeping dogs in the apartment.

What is specific is that this breed listens to only one owner, the “master” whom it perceives as an authority. Known for being incredibly gentle with children and other dogs, English Bulldogs are the perfect family pets.

4. American bully

If you dream of a four-legged friend who will faithfully serve you and protect you when needed, then this is this little buddy with a rocking body and crocodile paws. Although at first glance it may scare you, this breed is extremely attentive to people, especially in contact with children.

For a person, this is a great companion and protector. If the owner is threatened, the bully will fight to the last, regardless of the size of the enemy. Isn’t that exactly what we’re looking for in a best friend? By clicking here, you will learn everything you need to know about it before you buy it.

5. Kane Corso


As a pet, it is recommended for more active families with large children and/or people looking for a partner for one of the recreational activities (walking, running, staying in nature, cycling). This is a real example that the appearance of the often brain deceives.

When you first see Kane Corso, we are sure you will think that these are dangerous dogs and that it should not be the choice of your family. However, we claim that you are completely wrong and that this breed is best suited to the Labrador Retriever.

6. Labrador retriever


This is a dog that has won the sympathy of families around the world. He lives to please and adore children. Playing is his favorite activity, and as he is an excellent swimmer, your little ones will enjoy the water with him. She is a real nanny, an ideal choice.

Patient, friendly, cheerful – they like to approach strangers and are an ideal option if you have a lot of friends and if you often have guests. They will only want to cheer you up and make you happy, so they are even more grateful for the training. Golden Retrievers quickly understand where they belong in the house and how they should behave in it.

7. Poodles


Some owners even describe these dogs as funny, i.e. they say they have a sense of humor. Poodles hate when they are bored and find various ways to entertain themselves and everyone around the room. They like to be the center of attention and are extremely gentle with the little ones.

The great advantage of these dogs is that they almost do not shed and are a great choice if you have a person in the household who is allergic to dog hair.

8. Dalmatian dog


Few people have watched the famous cartoon “101 Dalmatians” without falling in love with this spotted creature. The Dalmatian breed is friendly and open, but if they don’t exercise enough, they can become hyperactive. The ‘Dals’ are committed and loyal and always want to please; they enjoy the company and fooling around.

9. Beagles

Although they belong to the smaller dogs, these are hunting dogs that are extremely friendly, both towards other dogs and towards the family. Still, “hunting blood” will always make him make his sense of smell and explore. It is ideal for families eager for adventure.

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This long-eared furry pet will surely buy you with its endearing look. He is incredibly kind, both to the owners and to the strangers. They love to cuddle and adore human touch, and if you love playing in nature with this cheerful beauty, you will have a good time.

So, have you chosen one yet?

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