Top 3 Benefits Of Masturbation You Should Know

The concept of masturbation is in two broad schools of thought. The first are those that act in total shock when it’s discussed, although they do it secretly. The second are those who have bastardized it and see it as irrelevant. Both cases are extremists, as masturbation itself was first a corrective measure before it became abused.

You shouldn’t be surprised that there are a lot of similarities between masturbation and the actual sexual intercourse involving two parties because the end of both is to attain orgasm and a possibility of climaxing.

However, one remains safer than the other, and others view one as more enjoyable. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that masturbation has been around for a while. Although it has been bastardized, it still retains some of its essential characteristic features, one of which is a corrective measure.

If you wonder what the benefits of masturbation are, you should read this to the end. Here are some of the top three benefits of masturbation, you should know.

1. Stress reliever


Yes, you read right. Masturbation is an excellent stress reliever, especially for those that don’t have a partner. It could be all you need after a stressful day at work. You don’t need to visit any motel or have an escort around.

You could masturbate to HD porn videos on Porndoe, where you have the opportunity of selecting from a vast number of videos depending on your category. With masturbation, you’d be surprised at how calm you’d get after jerking off. You should try it someday!

2. Helps strengthen relationships


If you are having issues connecting to your partner sexually like you used to, or you realize the bond is not as strong as it once was, masturbation could be the corrective measure to adapt. Having mutual masturbation with your partner is one of the ways of understanding one another’s sexual vulnerability.

You get to see and understand how to pleasure your partner, and they also get to do the same. With masturbation in the relationship, not only will the relationship grow stronger, but it will also help build respect for one another in the relationship.

Point is, to have fun, and respect one anothers needs and body. Every relationship, old or new, can always improve on sexual intimacy. Allowing your partner to explore your private needs helps to build trust, and can open doors for your sex life that you didn’t know was possible.

Sometimes there may be times when one of you may not be in the mood. Offering to self masturbate can even help alleviate the need for them to participate. Masturbation is just another way to respect eachother’s personal needs or space at any given time. Who knows, maybe if you watch some fun porn, or live sex cams together while you masturbate, your partner may get in the mood to lend a helping hand or possibly more.

3. Helps promote self-confidence


Masturbating is one of the most effective means of promoting self-confidence, especially in a relationship where one of the partners is being more introverted. With masturbating, you get to understand your body, understand your sexual organs, and how well to use them judiciously.

Accepting your own body first is a crucial step to being sexually confident and building high self-esteem. So, self-gratification will help you present yourself the way you want to be seen and not how others see you.

It is no news that masturbation has been bastardized. However, that doesn’t stop it from being effective for those that understand it and make effective use of it. Masturbation isn’t only for single or unmarried individuals; it could also be adapted in relationships and marriages to strengthen the bonds between married couples.

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