5 Things all World of Warcraft Players Hate

World of Warcraft is a highly popular game. This claim stands firm for more than a decade. Its popularity isn’t veining, but the game has been around for so long that people now have a few objections. Through the years, the game has undergone a few redesigns, and some things of old are gone, and novelties are now on the table.

While some people are thrilled with each change some aren’t as much. We shouldn’t ignore the fact that some issues are stuck with this game since its inception. So, what are the five things all World of Warcraft players hate?

1. The Original Content


You can be a Warcraft player and still hate the game. Many players do, and this is not a surprise, nor it should be. Some are just not entirely satisfied with the content. Period. Furthermore, playing this game comes with direct contact with its community which can be toxic at times. Some people just can’t pick with whom will they play, and this can be a true issue for anyone.

2. Game Changes

Like you know this is one of the games that evolve no-stop. Older players harder adjust to the novelties. Sometimes the things that made you fall in love with the game in the first place are long gone. When this happens any relationship can break apart and WoW is no different. Many players leave and never come back.

3. Blizzard


Yes, WoW players hate the people who have created their favorite game. Through the years, the game evolved and took different directions. Blizzard company is behind all of this, and players just aren’t with them on some moves.

When we talk about this, all players have their stance and plenty of ideas. Sometimes the company remains silent to the pleas of players, and some of them just lost the trust and the belief that the game will be the way they imagined it, and the way it should be in their opinion.

4. Casual Players


World of Warcraft has millions of daily players, but it’s not for anyone. The game is made in such a way that it isn’t for anyone, and casual players just can’t fit in the community. They’re often rejected by more experienced peers. Nothing about WoW accommodates new players, and the WoW community even less so.

New players, find it hard to get going because they’re often sabotaged by experienced ones, in what one might see as a charmed circle. This is why new players might start using the help provided by

5. Players Focused on Questing


Yup, that’s right. While questing is an essential part of World of Warcraft, the game doesn’t revolve solely around it. Some players just don’t get the direction the game took in recent years. There are other games that offer better questing than WoW, and Wow players would love for people to see this as they want everyone to realize this game is now performance-oriented, and that’s the best way to enjoy it. Yes, the game offers plenty in every department, and focusing only on the question could make you hated. WoW players hate when someone is on the playground only for questing.

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