First Deposit In Online Casinos – Real Money Or Cryptocurrency?

The gambling industry is growing very quickly. Modern gambling companies are trying to offer their customers as many payment methods as possible, which allows them to play games immediately and without any problems. Nowadays gambling fans can choose between credit cards, mobile payments, or e-wallets. To do this they need access to the internet and a gambling account (for gambling websites).

Most popular deposit methods


Online gambling companies use a special company responsible for financial transactions. It is a gambling operator, which means it is the same gambling website. When a new player creates account gambling operators ask him to deposit money in the system. Of course, they offer many deposit options for players from all over the world.

This category of gambling fans uses credit cards or e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill) to make gambling deposits. It is the most popular business model used by gambling operators because it allows them to offer gambling services to people from all over the world.

According to Coinslotty, another popular method how to make a deposit on gambling site – use cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin are examples of these virtual currencies.

There are gambling websites where gamers can play games using cryptocurrency because they are anonymous and very profitable for gambling companies when it comes to gambling fees (like 2% or 5%). Online stores also accept digital currency as payment, so gambling fans can buy goods for cryptocurrency too.

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency in gambling


Gambling with cryptocurrency has several advantages for online casino fans, but it also has some disadvantages.

The anonymity of gambling transactions. All gambling operators that use cryptocurrency as a payment method keep the anonymity of personal data, which is very important for gambling fans from countries where gambling is forbidden due to government control over gambling licenses. It is not a problem to use gambling services, because gambling websites do not need any personal documents from gambling fans.

Online casinos using cryptocurrencies have a lot of benefits for gamers who want to gamble anonymously. When it comes to gambling with cryptocurrency, people can choose which payment method they want to use – fiat currency or cryptocurrency. The speed of deposits and withdrawals is very fast (most gambling companies offer gambling fans transaction speed in 5-15 minutes), so gambling enthusiasts do not need to wait for money for too long.

Most gambling operators ask gambling fans to deposit their gambling balance only after the end of each game session, which means that people cannot gamble with any casino deposits using cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Cryptocurrency gambling disadvantages


Even gambling fans that use cryptocurrency for gambling transactions have some disadvantages. First of all, gambling enthusiasts need more time to make a gambling deposit because they need to wait until the gambling website converts their cryptocurrency into gambling credits. Gamers cannot add money to an account instantly and this is bad for people who want to play fast with virtual balance on gambling websites.

Another gambling deposit problem is that gambling companies apply high gambling fees when it comes to gambling transactions using cryptocurrencies, especially when their website offers gambling fans more than one gambling cryptocurrency. It is more profitable for gambling operators to use cryptocurrency for gaming operations, but not so much for players who want to make gambling deposits.

Gambling fans that want to play gambling games using gambling cryptocurrencies need to wait for the best gambling conditions on gambling websites. It is not a problem with gambling transactions, because there are many gambling operators that allow players to gamble online with cryptocurrency, but prices of gambling services are higher compared to gambling prices for fiat money.


Anyway, gambling fans can use gambling cryptocurrencies to make gambling deposits on gambling websites. It is a good way to play gambling games, but not the best solution for people who want to gamble with gambling credits or real cash as soon as possible after gambling deposit.

It’s safe for gamblers who use cryptocurrency because they don’t have any gambling account information. But gambling companies can use gambling fees for gambling cryptocurrencies to make a profit, so gambling fans need to be more careful when they gamble with gambling money. Cryptocurrency gambling is not regulated by gambling regulators and this is a problem for some gambling fans who want to play games in online casinos safely.

Online gambling operators that accept gambling cryptocurrencies as deposit methods are gambling websites that are not regulated by gambling authorities. It is gambling fans who decide if they want to play gambling games on gambling cryptocurrency online casinos, because gambling cryptocurrencies offer anonymity for gambling enthusiasts and safe gambling transactions with minimum fees.

I hope this article has helped you understand the benefits of using gambling cryptocurrencies in online casinos. This kind of gambling industry is a new gambling market and gambling fans need to wait a bit more before they will enjoy gambling cryptocurrencies on gambling websites.

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