How to Deal With Broken Windows and Doors

No matter how strong the windows and doors are, they can be shattered by substantial impacts like being hit by a hockey or gold ball or facing harsh weather like strong storms with hails and wind. When the ball hits the window, it breaks.

However, some windows are made with materials that prevent them from breaking into small pieces. Windows that shatter into small pieces can cause accidents.

So, what is the best thing to do when a window breaks? As a homeowner, you might want to remove the windowpane to prevent accidents and prevent more shattering if it is hit again. If the damage leaves a big gap, it is advisable to contact a professional. However, if the broken windowpane is minor (check the following), and you can handle it, these tips will help you deal with the broken window before replacing it.

Begin by removing the largest pieces from the windows and doors and placing them in a bag. You can also wrap the pieces in butcher paper. Do not use plastic bags because the glass can tear through them and cut you. Also, when collecting the pieces, ensure small ones do not fall because you can step on them and get severe cuts on your leg.

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There can’t lack small pieces of glass that have fallen on the floor. Sweep them off and collect them using a dustpan. Never collect tiny pieces of glass using your bare hands. Put these little pieces in the butcher bag and wrap them well.

Vacuum the area where the glass has fallen to ensure there are no small pieces left. Extend the vacuum hose to the nearing parts of the floor where the glass had failed to ensure none was left.

Use a damp paper towel to collect any smaller pieces that could be left after vacuuming. If the window broke and fell on a carpet, use lines of duct tape. This ensures all the pieces are picked from the rug, and it is safe to step on with bare feet.

Once the cleaning is done, contact a contractor to come and do window replacement. Here, he will get rid of the broken pane and install a new one. If you cannot reach one at the moment, or if they cannot come immediately, cover the hole to stop cold air, insects, and rainwater from entering the house until you have someone experienced do the replacement work for you.

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Wear a pair of heavy-duty gloves when blocking the hole to prevent cuts from the broken pane if there are pieces left on the window. Use packing tape for blocking if the gap is small. You can also use clear nail polish as an adhesive.

Seal the window frame using a shower curtain or a tarp and secure them with tape. You can also use thick black trash bags if you don’t have a shower curtain.

A hole in your window can pose a danger to your family and house because it is less secure. The hole can be an entry to burglars and intruders. If you are worried about any of these happening, block the hole using a piece of scrap wood for more security. Nail the board into the sill on the interior side so that the nails are not visible on the exterior. The nails holes will reduce your home’s aesthetics, but they can be repainted or repaired using putty.

Make every family member aware of the situation in that window and tell them to stay away to avoid injuries. Ensure you also follow up with the contractor to replace the window pane for you.

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If you are unsure what type of windowpane to order, let the contractor access your damage and advise. It is also essential to get a windowpane that resembles the rest to avoid reducing your home’s value and maintaining aesthetics.

If you want to upgrade your windowpane to an energy-efficient one, choose a double or triple-paned window during window replacement. These have argon gas between the panes for insulation and offer better insulation compared to other options.

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