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iGaming in Smartwatch

The fusion of technology and the casino is dynamic and the convenience of betting online using modern gadgets is also possible through smartwatch.

A smartwatch is a watch that has a special feature which is a computer. Smartwatches started in the ’80s by Seiko and it was named The Data 2000 watch. It has an external keyboard for data entry to correspond to the smartwatch.

Fast forward, smartwatches are now sophisticated. Besides the basic functions like clock and alarm, it has special functions such as wellness and health monitoring, weight control, playing music, and access to social media.

The New Generation Smartwatch


Smartwatches of today as mentioned has special features where virtual punters can place their bets. Its special platform allows casino sites to function fully. Online gamblers can check casino sites at and get to know what their competitive site has to offer.

Players can download a gambling application, set up an account or synchronize their account from your gadget to your smartwatch, make a deposit or continue playing. You can do this anytime and anywhere in a more convenient way.

The Edge of Smartwatches in Online Gambling


Wagering in a mobile device is the best option for laptops and desktops but betting on a smartwatch takes the cake.

The following are its advantages

  1.     Online bettors can place a quick bet conveniently and hassle-free and smartwatches come in handy, especially during the absence of the player’s gadget.
  2.     Absolutely no advertisements nor any distractions that would pop up while in the middle of gaming.
  3.     The player has the opportunity to multitask which means the bettor can place a speedy bet while jogging and listening to music.

Setbacks of betting on a smartphone

  1.     Since is a watch naturally the screen is quite small so some bettors opt for the bigger gadgets. Some players don’t mind as long as they can have a good time while others are used to it.
  2.     Some game applications can be slow or the operating system will not accept them because they consumed the storage availability of the data. Other smartwatches may have a different operating system which can be a major setback.
  3.     Some casino games drain the smartwatch battery fast.

Things we have to know before purchasing a Smartwatch:


Virtual betting lovers opt to buy a gadget or time-keeping device that has higher specs and can have bigger storage which is capable of downloading a casino site that they fancy. Hence before purchasing one, let’s check this basic information first.

  1.     Learn the instant Apps available in the operating system of the smartwatch.
  2.     Make sure that the casino site or your chosen games are optimized to the smartwatch. The good thing is the majority of the online casinos are already optimized for a variety of smartphones so you better check on that too.
  3.     Check if the smartphone you want to purchase has an LTE chip.
  4.     Make sure that you have a strong internet connection with you for better gaming streaming.
  5.     Purchase a smartphone that has enough data for gaming to avoid bandwidth limits.

The following are the Smartwatch games avid gambling players can download:

  •       Twirlaloop Slots – iOS
  •       Lucky Slots – Android and iOS
  •       Slots Time at World Class Casino – iOS
  •       Wolf Gold – Android and iOS
  •       777 Watch Slots – iOS
  •       Slots Time! – iOS
  •       Double Luck Nudge – Android and iOS

How to place a bet on a smartphone?

  •       Download the app and install

Check the casino site for its compatibility with the operating system of your smartwatch.

  •       Create an account or if you already have an existing account on your other device, you can sign in.
  •       Make a deposit or play the game immediately.


It is hard to predict the future of gambling through smartwatch but the gambling enthusiasts embraced it and find it entertaining despite the setbacks. May in the years to come smartwatches will be greatly enhanced for the bettors to have the best gambling experience.

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